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Czech and Speake

Company Info

Czech & Speake (ipa: [k nd spik]) is an English company founded in 1978, as a designer of luxury bathroom fixtures and fittings. The founder is Frank Sawkins, who after beginning the company in the the late 70's remains the chief designer. Soon after their initial success in the world of interior design Czech and Speake expanded into a line of Aromatics, collections of fragrances and ancillary items, including shaving soap and other Men's grooming products.


Frank Sawkins: Beginning his design career in 1971, by the end of the decade Sawkins was a respected designer whose clients included multi-national corporations, nationalized industries, and financial institutions. But despite this success Sawkins saw a new and unique outlet for his creativity--the bathroom. Noting the immense time and effort put into perfect kitchens and bespoke bedrooms Sawkins saw the disparity in the treatment of the bath, a glaring omission considering the amount of time spent in the bath. Armed with a brief to bring the luxury and quality of modern design to the bath, Sawkins designed an Edwardian collection of bathroom fittings that put Czech and Speake on the map, gaining his firm a reputation for quality and design befitting their prestigious Jermyn Street address. Sawkins followed this up with a legendary Art Deco series of fittings that remain one of Czech and Speake's most iconic designs. With the addition of the Aromatics range, which includes novel products like burning sticks, Sawkins has achieved a total transformation in the atmosphere of the bath and created a world-famous company known for its unique combination of design, quality and exclusivity.

Recent News

Company News: In the winter of 2009 Czech and Speake announced that it would introduce (or indeed, reintroduce) three Women's fragrances, Rose, Mimosa, and Dark Rose. These are expected to be on sale by the middle of March 2009.

Product Info

  • Fragrances The Aromatics Collection from Czech and Speake includes 5 Men's, 3 Women's and 1 unisex fragrances. The signature fragrance from Czech and Speake is the famous "No. 88." Named for the address of founder and chief designer Frank Sawkins Jermyn Street studio (across the street from the company's current Jermyn Street flagship store at No. 39) No. 88 is a unique and sophisticated blend of bergamot, rose, sandalwood, and vetiver. Other popular fragrances include Cuba, a confident blend of rum, lime and tobacco; Oxford and Cambridge, an enveloping combination of English and French lavenders and Mint, and Frankincense and Myrrh, a deep and rich mix of biblical spices. Intended as unisex is the fragrance Citrus Paradisi, a light and vibrant melange of citrus, herbs and patchouli.
  • Shave Soaps At present shaving soaps are available in the "No. 88" and "Oxford and Cambridge" fragrances. These are available in two sizes: a single 90 gram (3.17 oz.) tablet or a three-pack of 25 gram (.88 oz.) tablets. The larger size soaps are sold individually or in a glass bowl, black with the No. 88 logo for the No. 88 and blue glass for the Oxford and Cambridge.
  • Aftershaves At present there are after-shave splashes in the Cuba, Neroli, No. 88, and Oxford and Cambridge fragrances. These are available in 100 ml (3.4 oz.) shaker bottles.
  • Other Grooming Products Czech and Speake also creates bath oils and room fragrances in most of their scents. In addition to the shaving soaps the company also makes high-tech aluminum razor handles for the popular Mach 3 catridge and has recently brought out a collection of expensive high quality leather travel and grooming kits.


The Mother Ship
Czech & Speake
39c Jermyn Street
London SW1Y 6DN
Phone: +44 (0)20 7439 0216
Email: [email protected]

United States Stockists:

Cambridge Chemists
855 Lexington Avenue
New York, NY 10065
Phone: 212 734 5678

Ron Robinson APOTHIA
8118 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90046
Phone: 323-651-0239

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