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Cold water shaving

Cold water shaving is the practice of shaving with only cold water, as opposed to the general practice of using warm or hot water. Many receive improved shaves using this method, however, it is not for everyone. "Cold water" means the coldest water that comes out of your tap. This article contains all the information you need to get started.

Logic behind it

Many people shave with hot water because they believe it will open their pores and therefore provide a closer shave, however, warm water actually does not open your pores. Rather, hot water causes blood to flow closer to the skin and dries and irritates it. Cold water, on the other hand, causes blood to flow farther from the skin, which means that if you nick yourself, you are less likely to bleed. Cold water shaving also improves circulation because after you are done, that blood that was drawn deeper into your skin, now rushes back out.

How to

When cold water shaving, you are free to shave as you normally would, however, here are a few general suggestions:

  1. Soak your shaving brush of choice in cold water.
  2. Splash your face multiple times with cold water. If you have a really coarse beard, you may want to apply a cold towel to your face after step number three and then repeating step number three before continuing onto step number four.
  3. Apply your shaving cream or soap of choice. Whether you bowl, face, or palm lather does not matter. You may also apply a pre-shave oil if you choose too.
  4. Start shaving. Complete as many passes as you desire. If you rinse your razor off in between passes, do so with cold water. Do not wipe your face off in between passes- this may irritate your skin.
  5. After you are done shaving, wipe your face with a wet towel, splash your face with some more cold water, and then apply your aftershave of choice.

Adding menthol to the mix

Menthol is an organic compound that tricks your nerve cells into thinking that your skin is cold, when in reality it is not. Despite menthol not actually lowering your skin's temperature, many enjoy adding menthol to a cold water shave for the extra kick.

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