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This category lists all Semogue shave brushes.

Model Summary Table

This data was originally compiled by B&B member scoppi[1].

BrushBristle TypeMaterialLoftHandleDiameter
830Premium 90% Tops - Dyed BoarAcrylic554422
1305Premium 90% Tops - Dyed BoarPainted Wood555322
1800Extra 75% Tops + Premium
90% Tops - Dyed Boar
610Best 90% Tops BoarAcrylic504321
820Best 90% Tops BoarAcrylic554522
1250Best 90% Tops BoarWood555322
1460Best 90% Tops BoarPainted Wood504822
1470Best 90% Tops BoarWood504822
2030BBest 90% Tops BoarMetal575622
620Extra 75% Tops - Dyed BoarAcrylic504321
1438Extra 75% Tops - Dyed BoarPainted Wood504522
1520Extra 75% Tops - Dyed BoarPainted Wood504821
2000Super 70% Tops BoarWood605225
SOCSpecial Grade BoarWood555724
730Super BadgerAcrylic554522
730HDHigh Density Super BadgerAcrylic554522
740Pure BadgerAcrylic544321
750Best BadgerAcrylic544322


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