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Burma-Shave is an American brand. It was first sold in 1925, and was one of the first brands of brushless shaving creams. The brand is (in the US) famous for its roadside billboard campaigns (ceasing in 1963) where four or five consecutive billboards were placed so the drivers (and passengers) on the road could read a string together which formed a short rhyme, and was followed by a final sign with the Burma-Shave logo.

For instance (taken from the Burma-Shave soap review):

With whiskers
'Neath their noses
Oughta have to kiss
Like eskimoses

Signs ranged from cute rhymes to reminders to drive safely, and even to the rather risque:

If Wifie Shuns
Your Fond Embrace
Don't Shoot The Iceman
Feel Your Face
Burma Shave

Currently, Burma-Shave is a part of the American Safety Razor Company, who also own the Personna brand.

Current Products

Recently, Burma-Shave released a set of a Burma-Shave branded shaving brush (complete with a new jingle -- "Stores are full of shaving aids, but all you need is this and blades"), mug, and shave soap, in a decorative tin. The brush is boar. Ironically, Burma-Shave was a brushless cream, and they never made a shave "puck" soap. In fact, one of their prescient roadside jingles read:

Shaving brushes
You'll soon see 'em
On a shelf
In some museum

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