Basic DE Shave


This page intends to show you how a basic, 2 passes, Double Edge razor shave goes. This page is part of the Interactive Guide to DE Razor Shaving. Keep in mind, there are several methods and different ways that are a little bit different.

The Shave

Before you start

This tutorial considers that you already consulted the following pages in wiki.

What you will need

There are recommendations across the board on specific models or brands that makes it easier to shave with if it's the first time. The focus of this article is not on specific products. Just make sure that you are using something that's in good working order (not broken) and that has reviews on the board. If you are unsure, just ask.

First steps

Make sure you did your prep correctly so you are ready to shave. Good prep include preparing the skin the shave, soaking your shaving brush for a few minutes.

You can then move on to make your lather that you previously practice before the shave


You will be shaving with the grain (WTG) and across the grain (XTG) today. Hold on against the grain (ATG) because it can easily give you irritation, razor bumps, nicks and cuts. Keep in mind, my passes might be different than yours. Meaning, my WTG might be ATG for you, be careful about that and make sure you look at the direction of the beard before shaving.

Once the lather is applied, you are ready do go ahead and shave. Start with the cheeks and go slowly. We don't repeat this often enough, this is a beard reduction process. Do not try to shave everything in 1 pass.

Under the nose and Jawline

The jaw line is tricky since the angle changes, go extra slow on that spot

You will then re-lather for your next pass (XTG - Across the grain). I would recommend that direction under the nose for both WTG and XTG.

You are done

When both passes are completed, you need to rinse with cold water and apply some aftershave. The aftershave will protect your skin and reduce the risk of infection. If you need more help concerning an aftershave, you can either consult the Aftershave section of the forum or visit the Interactive Guide to Aftershaves


This is when the blade angle is either too high or too low. With an Open comb razor, the mistake shows quickly when it comes to low blade angle (Teeth marks). If you happen to shave like this, it means the blade is not touching your skin so, probably not cutting any whiskers.


  • Keep in mind that this shave won't be perfect, it won't be the close shave that you might be expecting. You cannot be a champion on your first attempt. Take this slowly and you will be very happy with the results.
  • You can rinse your razor after each stroke or less often than that. You can use both sides of the razors during the shave or just one, that's how you prefer it.
  • No pressure! Let the razor do the work, not you. You might think that you are helping by pressing the blade into your skin but you are in fact either cutting yourself or risking razor bumps.
  • Further help is available on the forum through the shave clinic or the Double Edge razors sub-forum.