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American Button Co Pocket Editions

American Button Co Pocket Editions Safety Razor

ABC Razor
Dates in Production:1908-1915(?)
Type:DE, 3 Piece, Open Comb
Weight:ca. 53-g
Height:ca. 82-mm

Cap studs are shorter and more rounded than contemporary Gillette-made razors. There were four main handle designs, produced in gold and silver, plus minor variations with single and double rings.
  • Empire
  • Flower
  • Scroll
  • Shell (variations with one or two rings, plus a variant ball design)

Most ABC razors had a serial number on the guard plate: see US_Gillette_Dating_Information. However the initial letter is often difficult to read. Guard plate teeth were made in rounded and squared-off shapes. Caps were usually plain, but some examples exist with monograms or the Gillette diamond logo.

Handles were placed in different cases, with several case designs known. Cases were produced in gold, silver, and gunmetal. Cases were sometimes monogrammed.

  • Basket
  • Empire
  • Flower
  • Scroll

Notes of Interest:
  • In 1908 Gillette contracted with the American Button Company, which manufactured this series of razors.
  • Production probably ceased ca. 1914-15.
  • Weights and other dimensions may vary. One gold floral was reported weighing in at just 43-g, almost 20% below the typical weight.

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