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Aftershaves for normal skin


This is an article about aftershaves suitable for people with normal skin, it was written by TraderJoe. For articles on other skin types, please see the Aftershaves page.

Aftershaves for normal skin

Pre/Shave/Post. Each is an essential component of a proper wetshave. For me, neglecting to execute all of those components appropriately will not only affect the day's results, but also negatively impact the next shave.

For example, in the summer: If I don't apply witch hazel and an AB/AS (alcohol based/after shave) - or If I overdo it with balms and moisturizers - my skin can get oily and possible result in breakouts. This causes a problem for the next shave. In the winter, my skin tends to be dry so if I don't take good care of it after shaving, it will be dry the next time I go to shave and will cause poor results. Shaving a dry face never turns out well.

My typical post-shave routine will consist of the following combo:
  • Rinse (warm, then cold)
  • Witch Hazel
  • AB/AS
  • Balm/Milk/Moisturizer (if needed ? typically yes in the cooler weather)
A special note on using AB/AS. Some can experience "burning" or drying of the skin upon application. I avoid this tendency by splashing it onto a wet face. It should also be noted that alcohol is one ingredient (of a list of ingredients) that will help to restore the PH balance of your skin. Skin toners are also made to act as astringents and to restore PH balance.

The following is a list of my favorite after-shaving products, organized by category. Each item will also have "tags" as descriptors to help you better classify. For example, a "luxury" item wouldn't be a necessary addition to your shave den, whereas "Must have" is something I wouldn't be without. Season, condition of face after shave, and need for variety will affect my final choices.

Aftershave Splashes and Lotions

Floid Aftershave Lotion (Italian)
This is the After Shave I grab when I'm going for a touch of the "Old Country," as my olfactory senses instantly transport me to an Italian Barbershop. I typically describe the scent as powdery-anise. Italian Floid also has an amazing feel to your skin. It is exceptionally cooling, and reportedly has a lower alcohol content than a standard alcohol-based Aftershave. It does a wonderful job of soothing redness and irritation. And it does this very quickly. Less than 5 minutes after applying this, your face will be cleared of most redness/irritation. It will also leave your skin babysoft and nicely moisturized (from the contained glycerin). Review

Tags: Luxury

Aqua Velva Classic Ice Blue
Good stuff. I enjoy both the scent and the menthol Bomb. I'm on my second bottle now in about 8 months, its one of the most used products I have. Not to mention, I usually slather a lot of it on for the menthol kick. This is an after shave product that I would not be without. It contains alcohol, glycerin, and menthol. Not all AB/AS's will contain glycerin, the ones that do will impart moisture to your skin. Some AB/AS's will contain glycerin's cheaper substitute: propylene glycol. I prefer those that contain glycerin. Review

Available @ your local drugstore
Tags: Value/Must Have

Pinaud/Clubman Aftershave Lotions
Great scent. I enjoy using this aftershave and typically use it at least once a week (sometimes as a cologne). It does lack in the moisturizing department, but don't get me wrong....it doesn't dry the skin out especially is applied to a wet face, but I don't find it moisturizing. If I need moisturizing after using this I'll apply a balm. Review

Available at your local drugstore
Tags: Value

Musgo Real Aftershave Splash
The Musgo splash, aside from having a spectacular scent (matching the shave cream), is packed full of goodies to help heal and protect your just-shaven skin - including alcohol, glycerin, witch hazel, aloe, and Echinacea extract. This is a superb aftershave that will be a mainstay in my collection. Most of the time, moisturizer or balm is not necessary after using this product. Review

Tags: Luxury/Must Have

Speick Aftershave Lotion
Skip the alum and go right for the speick. It restores balance to the skin and provides natural care. Speick After-Shave splash contains pure fermentation alcohol, a combination of essential oils, extracts of genuine Speick plant, skin toning witch hazel, lavender water, moisturizing substances, and refreshing and astringent ingredients such as alum, menthol and camphor. Review

Tags: Luxury

Taylor's Aftershave Lotions
The Taylor Aftershaves complement the creams and EDT's very well. The fragrances are very high quality and lasting. The Taylor aftershave is a non-moisturizing aftershave, but it works very well at knocking out irritation and razor burn.

Tags: Luxury

Aftershave Balms and Milks

B&B Aftershaving Milk by Mama Bear
This is a true "miracle product". I have the Sandalwood (Unscented) version of the Mama Bear Milk. This stuff is incredible. I think it is a disservice to this product to call it a "summer" aftershave. I've got dry skin in the winter and this stuff works like a charm. It somehow imparts the ideal amount of moisture to the skin, without leaving it dry while at the same time.... without leaving it greasy. It's literally a miraculous thing. A very thin aftershave (it surely is a milk) it goes on wet and soaks in instantly and just leaves the skin feeling smooth, supple, and refreshed. Review

Tags: Luxury/Must Have

Weleda Aftershave Balm
This product does contain alcohol, but it is a balm and acts like it and with flying colors. It has an incredible "care-giving" effect to the skin. This truly is "ambrosia" for the shaven face. This is for sure one of my favorite aftershaves. After shaving, I shake the bottle, pour some into hand and then smooth over my face. As mentioned, it does contain alcohol, but it goes on very comfortable (no burn). Although it doesn't claim a cooling sensation, it does have a cool feel upon application. After application (you don't need much) it feels nice and moisturizing to the skin. Your skin will be very supple and soft, and this will also rid you of all irritations and razor burn. Review

Available @ Whole Foods
Tags: Luxury/Must Have

Nivea "Energy" Mentholated Aftershave Balm
As part of my quest to have everything "menthol" I picked this up to give it a try. This isn't the best of the balms, but it's cheap and effective enough to be kept in the rotation. I did found the Nivea mentholated balm to be lacking in the menthol department and somewhat burning on application. It does contain alcohol. The burn didn't last long, however, and it did a decent job of leaving the skin moisturized. Review

Available @ your local drugstore
Tags: Value

Herban Cowboy Aftershave Balm
Excellent all natural & organic product. Natural? Organic? Well, yes, and it works good too. Contains carrot & cucumber extracts, in addition to collagen and aloe among other soothing ingredients, and is scented with essential oils.

Available @ Whole Foods
Tags: Organic/Natural


Avalon Organics Lavender Moisture Cream
This is my daily/nightly moisturizer, and I even find it highly effective as an aftershave balm due to its contained ingredients. This also works very well as an ASB. Soaks in very well, leaving no oily residue; has a pleasant (although fleeting) lavender scent from essential oil, and contains a host of skin healing ingredients to boot: this daily moisturizer is made with organic Turmeric, Arnica and Calendula to soothe redness plus superb antioxidant protection from Grape Seed Polyphenols, organic White Tea and Vitamins C & E. Review

Available @ Whole Foods
Tags: Must Have


T.N. Dickinson's Witch Hazel
An excellent, cheap witch hazel which does its job as an astringent. The scent is natural witch hazel, so can be off-putting to some. But, the scent is fleeting and won't interfere with other shaving or EDT related fragrances.

Available @ your local drugstore
Tags: Value

Thayer's Witch Hazel w/ Aloe
This has become my favorite witch hazel. This has lower alcohol content (a natural component of witch hazel) than most other witch hazels, with the addition of aloe vera. I find this to be gentle and somewhat moisturizing and it will see regular use, especially in the cooler weather. Not the cheapest witch hazel, but the best.

Available at Health/Natural Food Stores
Tags: Luxury/Must Have

To conclude, I always make sure to follow a good shave with the proper post-shaving process (and products). I hope you find this report useful, and if you have any questions you'd like to ask me personally - go ahead and send a PM. I'd be glad to help.

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