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Aftershaves for dry skin


This is an article about aftershaves suitable for people with dry to very dry skin, it was written by Goosemeplease. For articles on other skin types, please see the Aftershaves page. Discussion thread for this article

Aftershaves for dry skin

As the successful performance of any aftershave is directly related to the shave, I've chosen to include some specifics about product ingredients that work well for my dry skin. As a rule when using soaps, I prefer those that are enriched with shea butter. These soaps provide for a slick, comfortable shave that leaves my skin in good shape. When I do choose to use a cream, I still opt to prime my brush with one of these fabulous shea enriched soaps.

As a matter of procedure, I regularly make 6 full passes when shaving and then follow up with the use of a plant hydrosol, such as Thayers Witch Hazel or QED's Da Vinci water. The final step of the aftershave treatment typically includes a selection that categorically comes from the cream, milk, or balm type products.

The following is a list built in the general order of my personal preference, and it includes notations on strong points and average pricing of each product. Subsequently, the season and condition of my face (good shave versus a bad one) commonly influence my final choice of product. As I personally have a strong sensitivity and resulting dislike for products containing menthol, mint, spearmint, chamomile, lavendula, eucalyptus or camphor, I have not included any such product in this section.

As a final note related to application, I apply almost all of these products in a quite heavy or liberal fashion. As a result, the balms will actually get cloudy (especially if my face is still wet from the hydrosol), so I will allow it to sit for a minute or two and allow it to soak in. Any excess product gets blotted away with a towel. I find this method of application to be very effective at quenching my dry skin and allowing my face to have that healthy look for which we are all striving.


Olivia's After Shave Balm

Olivia's handmade After Shave Balm is absolute tops on my list. This balm is made in Germany, by hand, and in small batches with that old world quality and attention to detail. I use the unscented version, but Olivia will scent it any way you wish. This balm is packed full of good things and leaves my face super soft, very supple and ready for the day.
This has become my Fall-Winter go-to product. 15.00 for 100ml

Kiehl's Soothing, Nourishing Face Crème for Men

This is a fine product that has been a top choice of mine for many months. It leaves my skin very soft and supple. A little goes a long way. A mentholated version is also available.
16.00 for 125 ml @ www.kiehls.com.

Purpose Dual Treatment Moisture Lotion with SPF 15

This is a good all purpose conditioner and soother for the warmer months. I always use sunscreen so this is a great step saver for me in the morning. 6.00 for 120ml at drug stores. Review

Pre de Provence After Shave Balm

This is a fine French product that is enriched with shea butter (Karite). This balm is freshly scented and is a perfect compliment to the fine soap that shares its name. The balm goes on easily and is both soothing and calming. Pre de Provence is not quite as skin conditioning and moisturizing as the Olivia's or the Kiehl's, but if your skin is normal to dry, this is a winner.
13.00 75 ml www.beautyhabit.com

Nivea Sensitive Extra Soothing Balm

This is the Cinderella of the Balms. It is a fine product in good packaging and at a rock bottom price. If your skin is normal to just a bit dry, this should be at the top of your list. Sold in drugstores nation/world wide
There are a few permutations of this product available.
6.00 100ml at drugstores www.nivea.com Review

QEDman Skin Basics After Shave Conditioner

As the name implies, this is a very fine skin conditioner and soother. It is perfect for the warmer months when I do not need the extra emollients that are in the balms listed above. If your skin is normal to dry this will be a fine overall choice. 6.50 for 60ml www.qedusa.com Review

Floris After Shave Balm

This is a premium product at a premium price and first rate in every way. If price is not an object this is a very effective and pleasant aftershave balm. It is available in Santal, Elite and JF scents.
53.00 for 150ml - Floris

D.R. Harris Aftershave Milk

ê Shave after shave cream- white tea

This is a newer product for me. Because it's very effective I wanted to include it in this report. The cream is balm like and provides a good amount of moisture and leaves my skin in good condition. Available also in cucumber.
22.00 4oz. www.eshave.com

Corn Huskers Lotion

This serves primarily as a First Aid treatment in my personal aftershave armory. If I really rough up my face, I will use the Corn Huskers Lotion to calm and heal it. At this price, it should be in every shave den. Additional areas in which this product excels include acting as a hand lotion or a sunburn remedy.
A must have. 5.00 for 207 ml drugstores www.prodhelp.com Review


The products listed here have all served me well. Any of these products should provide you a great place to start your journey to shaving bliss. Enjoy!

Winter Favorites

  • Olivia's After Shave Balm
  • Kiehl's Soothing, Nourishing Face Crème for Men
  • Gaia Face Crème for Men (may be available in Australia/NZ only)

Summer Favorites

  • Purpose Dual Treatment Moisture lotion with SPF 15
  • QEDman Skin Basics After Shave Conditioner
  • Pre de Provence After Shave Balm

Best Value

Must have

  • Corn Huskers Lotion

Dry to very dry skin

  • Olivia's After Shave Balm
  • Kiehl's Soothing, Nourishing Face Crème for Men

Normal to dry

Top shelf with scent

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