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Yet another "Help Me I.D. this" thread - tough one, though

Okay, fellas. I know there has been a barrage of these threads lately, but I'm posting this anyway. :001_tongu Sorry.

I picked this razor up off of ebay, knowing very little about it. For $10, I was comfortable with the risk.

Here's what I know about it: 6/8, very heavy, wedge blade with a barber's notch. The tang has "Sheffield" stamped on it, but there is nothing else on the tang. The word "Sheffield" has a circle around it (see pics). Rather, on the blade itself, near the spine, there are remnants of the razor's identification. I can't make it out, though. I can make out the word "manufactured" and underneath it "works". There is a word in front of "works" that ends with the letter 'E', but I can't make it out.

Near the toe of the blade, on the same line near the spine as the word 'manufactured' is more words. I can't really tell how many words should be there or how many letters are in them, but the last word ends in 'ON**Z'. I think the letter before the 'Z' is 'A', but I can't confirm that. I can also make out a 'W' in the word before the word that ends in Z, but I can't make out where in that word it falls. Whatta ya got, straight razor sleuths?

Here are some pics for you.

No clue on the maker, but that has all the potential to be one heck of a beautiful shaver!
Please keep us posted.
Thanks, John. I love the shape and heft of this thing. The spine is thicker than anything I've ever held. I'd just love to have some info on it. It needs a good bit of work, though, so it is a little further down the list right now.

I'll see what I can do about getting better lighting on it, but I'm no photographer. My little sister is, maybe I'll ask her for some pointers. Honestly, though, what you see in the pics here isn't very far off from what I can see with my naked eye.
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