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Why do "foursquare" and "panel" pipes appeal to me?

I have 2 already, one a hexagonal bulldog straight and one a sandblasted Trade Wind straight billiard (see below). And I find myself drawn to similar pipes on the 'Net. Perhaps it's the carved, squared-off planes of the bowl and stummel, and sometimes the stem itself, appealing to my sense of symmetry. Perhaps it's that they tend to be larger -- bowl size, overall length -- than a billiard of a more rounded shape, and sometimes to have thicker bowl walls. Maybe it's that they sit so easily. Maybe it's that unapologetic, "Yeah, I smoke a pipe. What's it to you, Mac?" air that straight pipes tend to have for me anyway, amplified by the crisp carved lines. Dunno.



Anybody else?
I sure do not know, but I like them, too! That top one is a stunner, IMO! The chunkier shapes just seem more masculine to me. Businesslike. Like a good tool or something. I do like shapes with flats in them though.
That's the term I was fumbling for! Tool-like or businesslike.
I have several hexagonal-shaped pipes; I'm drawn to them for some intangible reason that has nothing to do with how they smoke. I'm also a sucker for a diamond-shaped shank.


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I have two, including one of my first two briars i ever got. The limiting factor for me, is that pipes MUST sit. Sadly, I've had to turn my nose up at other well priced panel pipes for that reason. They looked great, but would have fallen over when I put them down. That's as useful to me as a round bottomed mug, square tyred car, soleless shoes, and a mesh umbrella.
For me, it's the generations of civil engineers in my genetic past. A well done panel is symmetrical and that appeals to my warped sense of asceticism. Plus the one shining example I have smokes like a good plated champ.
Paneled pipes look nice. I always seem to lean towards non paneled when purchasing for some reason. I think I only have one paneled pipe. A paneled dublin neerup I picked up as an estate from ebay.

What surprised me was how they felt in the hand. The panels, the more squared off corners especially, have me a better feeling of grip. Like a favorite knife handle or my old chisels and gouges. My fingers wrapped around the bowl nice and familiar with natural alignment. As the son of engineers, 8 grew up with an appreciation of ergonomics over aesthetics.
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