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When to shave...

Reading in the forums, the most common place to shave would be after a shower, by the bathroom sink. I always shave while taking a shower. Any opinions on what is better? During or after a shower??

Also, the cold water rinse afterwards: I hate it. I always skip that step but is mentioned all over the place as the thing to do after a shave. Usually right after shaving I get out of the shower, spray on some Thayers Lavender Witch Hazel and after a few minutes Trumpers Coral Sea food and my own mix of Rosehip oil with some essential oils blended in. Any reasons for me to actually start using cold water to rinse after a shave besides 'closing the pores', which the Thayers is supposed to do also ??

It's all individual preference, but I couldn't live without the cold water rinse. If I have any weepers, I find the cold water does more than the Thayers.

My preference for not shaving in the shower is just because I don't want to drop anything sharp in there! That and I use less water by the sink.

I personally make a point to include a cold water rinse after I shave (and before the Thayers goes on). I don't know how much it helps close my pores (considering that I use the WH and sometimes an Alum block as well), but I enjoy the refreshing cold water (especially if I've used a "minty" cream or soap). However, if you find that you are getting good results sans cold water rinsing, then I say, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it".
Hi Ron,
I shaved in the shower when I was using cartridges but I prefer the sink with the DE and brush. The one problem I had in the shower was that the cream would run off my face from the steam. Conversely, I sometimes end up a littel dry at the sink. Pick your poison I guess. I'm also a big fan of the cold water rinse, although in Phoenix cold is a relative term. Six months out of the year the coldest water I get is about room temperature. I also use the Thayer's. It does help to close pores but a nice shot of cold water is much more effective IMO.
I use a washing cloth with cold water after shaving, but I'm not really sure if the temperature does any difference. If I have any nicks they start bleeding as soon as I put on AS balm no matter what.
I always use cold water after my shave, if I have any nicks, they stop bleeding soon after. In case of the cold water effect doesn't work (very rare), I use an Alum block. The finest pleasure is reached when I shave with the Proraso "sapone da barba" ..... just try to get the most cooling effect.

Otherwise, I prefer to shave in the morning right after a shower.

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