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what size mug/bowl is best for shave soap?

I got my will g's shea patchouli and #7 today. I put the patchouli soap in a tupperware bowl with about an inch of room on each side. I figured i'd need room for lather that is made on the side of the soap. it ended up sliding around a lot and i hd trouble getting the soap in my brush. would it be better to put it in a container where it barely has any room to move? how would that affect lather/water that ends up in the container?
My Will G soap fits nicely into a vintage Old Spice shaving mug I picked up in an antique store for around $5.00. I move to a seperate bowl to generate lather however.

I looked at the Anchor Hocking glass custard bowls w/ tops (Target, Wal-Mart) that some of the other guys are using, and while those were aesthetically the best choice for the money, I settled on some small Ziploc tupperware that come in 3-packs. You can find them at the grocery store. I currently use them for 2 Will G. soaps and 1 St Charles soap. There is space around the soap at the bottom of the container, but it is deep enough that the lather gathers around it and fuses the soap to the bottom when it dries. The tupperware is deep enough that nothing splashes out unless you hold it at the proper angle. I build up lather in these containers and then move it over to my main bowl which is a metal salad bowl from Target. The Ziploc containers stack well under my sink and (obviously) aren't as easily damaged like glass is.
so the soap just barely fits in the container, right? just a little bit of room on the sides? I think mine might be a bit too big for soaps.
There's a little room, and yeah they moved around somewhat at first, but like I said, after the first run-through, the lather and heat sorta cemented them in place. I just use the containers to get soap into the brush, and to neatly store away the soap (and their fragrance). I haven't needed to get too aggressive to get a bunch of soap in the brush before building lather in my bowl, so they've stayed in place since then.
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