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What Omega is this?

About 7 years ago I was at a thrift store and saw a huge brush for $5. It was an Omega Boar and it quickly displaced my badgers and became the sole brush that I use. When I bought it, it was still in it's plastic package and I think was unused. For years I thought it was a 48, but I realized recently that the black ring was there. I then assumed it was 10083. I've been wanting to either rehab an old brush or get a custom handle and put the same knot in it. I recently purchased a 10083 to use as a donor knot but it's much smaller than my brush.

The mystery brush is on the left. The 10083 is on the right.
$IMG_20150422_200330132.jpg $IMG_20150422_200334824.jpg

Measurements of the mystery brush using my calipers total height 133mm knot: 28 mm Handle width: 42mm Height 67mm
Measurement of Omega 10083 using my calipers total height 126mm knot: 25.5 mm loft 63mm Handle width 42mm Loft 63mm. Shoebox shaving has the measurements as: Ht: 128 mm Loft: 64 mm Base: 64 mm Knot: 26 mm

I've read several places that many consider the 10083 the same as the Omega 49 in chrome.

This was the biggest difference. The mystery brush is much denser than the new 10083. I did one soak and lather with the 83.

My questions:

What brush would be similar knot wise to the mystery brush?
Any knowledge of what this brush is? (obviously they don't make this model anymore)


Finally, I'm convinced that the mystery brush is made from metal rather than plastic. Notice the dents in picture in the next post.


Well I don't know that it is, here is what I got from Omega:

I'm not sure the brush on the left is an
OMEGA, it could be.

I'm in Omega since 2009 and for sure I can tell you the dimension of the 10048 / 10083 / 10049 are exactly the same.
The difference is the color and the ferrule (in 10048 is chromed).
Furthermore, the tuft of the 10048 is a bit longer.

I asked to someone older than me ... they're not sure but it's possible in the past the handle of 10048 would be bigger than the one we currently have. Anyway, we're talking about 30 years ago, at least ...


Pennellificio Omega S.p.A.
Raoul Giovanetti
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I'm going to say 48 as well...several barbers in Rome had a brush very similar and when asked, each replied it was an Omega 48 sold under the Proraso label...Omega for Proraso, hence no label on the brush when new.
I really like the look of the original brush's handle; It has a lot of character. It would be very cool if Omega produced a limited run of metal handles. I'd be very interested in that.
I'm so excited. I think I found it! My memory confused Omega and Zenith. I knew that it originally said made in Italy. I just got this in from overseas. I originally thought the handle was chrome but this is an aluminum handle. I'll post a comparison to the original brush when I get home. Here are some pictures of the Zenith B02-A28:

$IMG_20150625_122539650.jpg $IMG_20150625_122601339.jpg $IMG_20150625_122616101.jpg $IMG_20150625_122700915.jpg [COLOR=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.8)]

I'm not 100% sure. Here is a comparison picture:

The glue in the knot is significantly higher than the Omega, but not quite as high as the old brush. in the old brush, it makes it a great face latherer. The handle is very similar in feel and matches up from the base to the largest bump near the top, but the shoulder is longer on the new brush. The Omega doesn't match up at all. When I got the brush, it was unused and originally I thought it was chrome. The shininess to the aluminum matches my memory. I definitely remember that it was made in Italy. I looked at the Koh-i-noor website and they don't make a large boar. I didn't know about Zenith brushes until a month ago, so there could still be another manufacturer that I don't know about, but at this point, I'm 95% sure that it's a Zenith. I'm looking forward to breaking it in.
I haven't used the new one yet. I started to clean one with 55mm loft today. It has finer hair than the Omega. The old one feels like a boar that's been used almost every day for 5 years, nothing can compare to it.