What Music did you listen to while you shaved today?

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by Rosseforp, Mar 10, 2019.

    Hi all,

    Since I realized DE shaving is a hobby to be enjoyed, I thought it would be interesting what we listen to shaving.

    Today I listened to music by Paul & Linda McCartney, Venus and Mars are Alright Tonight.

    Happy Shaves
  1. Hi Doug!

    I'm with you: considering shaving a hobby, I often listen to something (from very different genres...).
    Today I chose Dexter Gordon's Our Man in Paris.

    Have a nice day,
  2. The sound of silence!
  3. NPR for me!! :a14::a14:

    I need to get caught up on the day’s events.
  4. Stereolab Margerine Eclipse from 2004.
  5. Ozzy “Over the Mountain” was playing in my head.

    It’s been stuck in there since Friday afternoon.
  6. Ombra Mai Fu by Andrea Bocelli
    Was today's Aria.
  7. Yesterdays shave was accompanied by "June Tabor - Quercus".


    Give "Matthew Halsall - On The Go" a go. ;)


  8. Classical music "Il barbiere di Siviglia". Very appropriate. Just kidding
  9. Classical music

  10. Sometimes jazz, sometimes classical, sometimes rock, it depends.

    Today it was.....

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  11. Usually I Listen to Radio Hamburg

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  12. Melody Gardot
  13. Not a Damm thing. My music is the razor singing across my face.
  14. Moonlight Sonata
  15. Today, was Clint Black. Usually it is either Clint Black, Rush, The Detentions or Jimmy Buffet.

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  16. Hello darkness my old friend
  17. Al2


    Strangers in the Night by Frank Sinatra.
    Needed a change from yesterday's Have a Drink On Me by AC/DC.
  18. Today it was Paul Gilbert Norwegian Cowbell
  19. Some day I listen to our local news. Other days I like the classic crooners. Meaning Dean Martin, Sinatra, etc.

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