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What makes you choose and buy the razors you buy?


I shaved a fortune
My little razor collection will be complete when the three razors en route get to me.... then I'll finish the winnowing process and see which ones stay and which ones end up on BST. Hopefully, I'll enjoy them all. I have been pretty selective... a few from each genre, highly rated here by seasoned wet shavers.
I welcome this opportunity for reflection and thoughtful exegesis ...oh crap... I'm curious, as about DE shaving in general and razors in particular. I seek quality, look closely at recommendations such as those on this board, and appreciate the work of small-shop machinists such as Yates, Timeless, and others. As I learn, features such as head profile, blade gap, etc. come more into my decisions. I also like a good value. In other words, I'm looking for a better shave, and am having some fun in the process.

I bought my first razor, the Rockwell 6s, based on recommendations and features. I bought a second one to travel with, but wish I hadn't. I don't really need two, and that one represents the opportunity cost of trying another razor type. Seeing that many Timeless shavers are here, I jumped on a discounted Timeless Bronze .38 and got my first glimpse into just how different are these razors. I bought it because it is thought to be mild, but I shed more blood with that thing in three days than I'd shed in a year with the Rockwell. I'm learning, though. I now have a Yates (921-M) on order, again based on recommendations, a desire for a slimmer head profile, and the attractiveness of buying from a true mom-and-pop machine shop.

I did look at vintage razors, but was somewhat concerned about getting a lemon and gravitated to the new stuff. Am pretty much committed there. This is also true of the fly rods I build and fish. I respect the people who value the old stuff, and admire the old stuff itself, but I'm going to do my (very small) part to help our small businesses, while seeking out that great shaving tool.
Living in the UK I am yet to ever find a vintage razor except on eBay where they seem quite expensive so I just stick then to my two modern ones
I'm done buying razors....:blush:

...nah, probably not.

I look for something I think is going to out perform my current top razors, but usually end up disappointed. I think I'm actually to the point of having the razors that perform best for me. The only razor at the moment I'm really wanting is that beauty from Greece...the Athena. But after that razor, I'm done....:001_07:
I'm at a razor saturation point. I simply have too many (over 30, not sure) comprised of mostly vintage Gillette razors, none of which are collector grade but some nice, clean examples in very good condition.

If I buy a razor now, it is usually an antique-store find, and unless it is a mint condition or rare razor, I try not to buy duplicates. An example: I was looking in a shop last week and happened upon a shelf with six vintage Gillette razors marked $5 and $10. In the past I probably would have scooped them up and gone home to spend hours cleaning, polishing, and researching.

This time, I only (only 😄) bought three: a nickel pre-war Tech (ok, a soft spot, it's a duplicate of a duplicate), a Senator (open comb TTO), and a Old Type Single Ring Bulldog, the last two being the only examples I have ever seen "in the wild". As I recall, the others were run-of-the-mill Superspeeds and another Old Type in bad shape.

As far as new razors, I'm all set and not actively looking. I did want to try a modern adjustable and succumbed to a Black Friday sale and bough a Pear Flexi. Regrettably that was a disaster.

To answer the question directly: At this point I only buy vintage that I currently don't own or are very rare (still looking for that NOS Toggle with case and original blades 😄), or razors that are an upgrade to a razor type I already own. As far as new, I've found what works and am losing interest in most else.
Wow! Why do I buy additional razors, that's really the $64,000.00 question.

When I first started "Wet Shaving" in 2019 I started with an EJ89, liked it so bought another and of course had to have a R89. Then I joined B&B and read so much about vintage razors, so of course I had to try multiple DE razors. Then reading further in the forums there were accolades about vintage SE razors, that started another buying spree.

After collecting about 40 vintage DE & SE razors, I flipped to wanting modern razors. About a dozen have passed through my collection.

I have sold some razors but now am getting interested in vintage Schick's, so the buying spree has started again.

Curiosity, reading forum posts and hunting for that perfect razor are probably my triggers for getting additional razors. Guess I am weak and influenced easily, but then it's cheaper than collecting cars.
1- I love modern razors with quality build and interesting design
2- I work very long hours in a very stressful field, still training, and sometimes I feel I need to treat myself eventhough I still shave better with a Gillette Fusion cartridge (sorry guys for this blasphemy and my lack of skills). The new purchase enables me to keep learning and shaving better with DEs.
3- I'm a sucker for metal (in objects and music) and this reminds me of my days collecting metal spinning tops. Art in metal is my weakness.
I look for value. Best shave quality/price ratio. For me that’s been vintage Gillettes and Schicks. They can’t be beat
I could be seduced by a gold Aristocrat or Goodwill. I look and drool but so far haven’t pulled the trigger. I can’t justify the cost. I find it easy to wave off extravagance.
When I buy modern I apply the same philosophy. I do my research and seek out best shave/price ratio. This led me to Lord products and my inimitable Yuma.
Usually look for something unique vs what I already have. Either how it's engineered or designed. I don't need every version of a super speed, tech, open comb, etc

Other reason I might pick something up is a bargain. If I find another good quality razor like a superspeed for $5 I might pick it up.
I don't own a modern razor. They simply hold no interest for me. I have quite a few older razors, mostly Gillettes, with a few others mixed in. I buy what I like when I find it but haven't found anything recently that appeals to me or that I didn't already have. I will and have used everything I have, no display case queens here. I'm down to looking for an Executive or a President which I may never find at a reasonable price. I guess my reason for liking the old razors is appreciation for something 60 to 100 years old that has served so long and is still doing its job so well. That is a rare thing for a consumer product in our world.


I shaved a fortune
My brother sent me two of my mom's razors he had in storage after her passing. He had forgotten they were there. He sent me a G1 and G4 Schick single edge razors, if I got them right. I just got the razor blades for them yesterday and plan to try them out.

Should be fun. I just got some Ted Pella Personna coated blades on the Bay. Some say the Schick blades for them made in China are better. Suggestions?


I shaved a fortune
As of Jan. 2023, all my soon to be 7 top razors are modern. I had good shaves with my EFBTs before I had them replated but I haven't tried them since. They are up for sale but aren't selling at the moment.. so I will likely choose one and start using it again. My technique has improved since I last tried one and I suspect, I'll like the England techs.... they might even end up on my top list, who knows?


I shaved a fortune
My brother sent me two of my mom's razors he had in storage after her passing. He had forgotten they were there. He sent me a G1 and G4 Schick single edge razors, if I got them right. I just got the razor blades for them yesterday and plan to try them out.

Should be fun. I just got some Ted Pella Personna coated blades on the Bay. Some say the Schick blades for them made in China are better. Suggestions?
Upon closer examination, the cream colored handle one is a G8... made my birth year: 1953. Cool. The other one is the blue handled 66.
I'm not a collector, so my decision making is based on performance. I wanted an affordable, stainless steel razor that gives me a CCS. I discovered the RazoRock Game Changer and it checked all the boxes for me.

The RazoRock GC 68-P and the GC 84-P are exactly what I was looking for in a modern DE razor. A bonus, the razors are CNC machined to maintain tight tolerances, made from premium 316L stainless steel and they are affordable. On top of that, the RR GC razors give me a great shave! For me, it's a win-win situation. JMHO, YMMV.


Mainly the urge to try something different. Most razors with a decent blade will give you a more that acceptable shave. Only rarely do you buy one that is a revaluation if terms of being head & shoulders better than all others. This is the reason I never buy a razor that is over $100. If you can't find a razor under $100 that gives you a super shave then, it is likely your technique that needs improving, not your razor. Of course there are other reason to buy expensive razors. Maybe it will look cool on your counter, along with your uber expensive shave brush. Or maybe it's for bragging rights on a board like this one. For me it's just to try something different to see if it lives up to the hype, rarely does it.
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