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INFO! What is the Clubhouse/Sportsmanship in the Clubhouse

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Badger & Blade is proud to unveil to The Clubhouse, your destination for sports, training and fitness here at B&B.

The focus of The Clubhouse is personal development, improving your body to go along with the all mental exercise we get here at B&B. So the primary focus is on your own training, whether it be playing racquetball, golf, running, biking, swimming, lifting or anything else you do to stay in shape, as opposed to rooting on your favorite team.

Sports have the unique ability to showcase the best in humanity, conversely they also can also bring out the worst in us. Everyone here has their own allegiances and loyalties, many held very deeply. Everyone needs to be mindful of this as you read the threads here and post your own thoughts. We all know how much trash talk can go along with sports, but let's all rise above that and keep it out of The Clubhouse.

I look forward to a leaner, but not meaner B&B! :001_smile
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This new forum is a place to discuss all things related to sports, fitness and the great outdoors. The Clubhouse is intended to be a place to discuss personal fitness, setting and meeting goals and achieving your personal best in health and competition. Baseball fans, this is the place for you! Rugby? Football? Soccer? Curling? Archery? Mixed Martial Arts? All of your discussions related to any sport, hunting, fishing or personal fitness belong here in The Clubhouse.

This is a great place to share your wisdom in your chosen discipline(s) with others who may be interested in improving their game, whatever game it may be.

The Clubhouse is not intended to be a place for fan arguments or 'my team is better than yours', but rather a gathering place where all B&B members, no matter their athletic talent or knowledge, are welcome.

Please take a moment to read a few words on Sportsmanship in The Clubhouse from our very own TimmyBoston!
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