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What have you've been whittling, and what are your tools?

Twig, leather and kromoxid, les latneuses and weeeeeee Lil knife. One of the blades was broken when I bought it, with no more nail thingy to help pry it open, so zap-bang with a file and it opens up from the ftont. Good for chip carving wherever you're at. 9mm psycho blade ;)


Here's the edge of a skew palm chisel from pfeil. It's one of my absolute favorite knifes. Costly, but in this case you get what you pay for. Compared to other stuff you might lay your hands on, this cost more, in my opinion, because it is ready to go. Other brands are not.
However! Look at the bevels. See those shiny marks thru that buffing wheel shine? Its bizzar how coarse they are. I can drag my nail along the bevel and feel them. I bought a la vienette from Ardennes andboth sides of the hone, had ultra coarse grinding grinding marks. Ridiculously coarse.
Both are pro tools, but handeled only enough to be able to sell. No critisizm, just some thaugts.
You do what you have to to to survive I guess. Grind that chisel on a 30 grit wheel and buff it to kingdom come. Lazer sharp. Next. Eat sleep repeat.
Like I said. No critisizm. Just another method.
And truly a amazing tool in its design and simplicity.


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Big "Evil Dead" fan here, so. :devil:

I tried to carve "Necronomicon ex Mortis," the Book of the Dead, out of a scrap board. (Seemed easy enough. Square).

Used one of those kits from the cheap knife catalog. Confirms I have no real skill; kept running a tool into my hand. Sharp.