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Well Used Razor Shows Wear

Picked up a E1 superspeed at local store. Believe it or not the plating is actually worn away on both sides of the head and both bars and I think from lots of use. No signs of pitting or anything else so I'm given to think actual use did it! I've never seen anything like it. It cleaned up well and the shave was fantastic, except me and short handles don't get along. Just wondering if anybody else has seen anything like this? (blue tip just happened to be there, friend took pic)
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Every time the tto doors open, the edges scrape against the blade holder bar inside. Open and close it enough times and this will happen.
I PIFed a 40s style razor that had almost all of the plating on the doors worn off. It too looked to be from use. I should have taken pictures...
I have a handful of razors that look like that as well. Some guys like a perfect "minty" razor still in the box, but I really love using a razor that I can tell got a lot of use. The really cool ones have some plate loss on the handle, exactly where some one would hold it.
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