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Weleda cream...

I've seen it but never used it. I asked this question before and someone said they tried it but it wasn't worth getting it again. But that was only one opinion.
Shorty Long said:
Has anyone tried this brand? They seem to stress natural ingredients...I'm interested and wondered if anyone here has an opinion.

Okay, here's my take on Weleda, but it is drawn from extremely limited experience, so take it with a grain of salt. Caution, this post is long-ish

Because I live in Canada (yes, the bloody backwater rant again, sorry), the choices for shoppers who do not buy online are very limited. Because I was so eager to get into wet shaving, and Weleda was the only choice at my local natural food market, that's what I started with and am still using, although I have a tube of Tom's Mint and a tube of Proraso on order.

So, the fragrance is, really, just soap, not unlike the Williams blue tub that you can get anywhere that I used many moons ago. Don't get me wrong, it's not unpleasant. In fact, it's quite nice, strong but not overpowering, and maybe a little familiar. Clean smelling - I don't mind it at all.

I'm using a small ceramic bowl and a small boar brush (badger brush on order, the disorders are setting it!), and I find that a small amount, about the size of a grape, maybe a bit less, makes enough lather for 4 full passes, then a bit of buffing after that. The lather itself is not the thick, hard peaks that I see in the lathering threads, but it remains the same consistency for the entire shave, which is nice, and it is an adequately thick lather.

I really need to use the Witch Hazel when I'm finished though as the cream does not really moisturize much. My face stays moist during the shave mostly due to the between pass rinses and really good final rinse.

Also, I can't say that it lubricates really well, but it is adequate. After a couple of passes, I get the occasional skipping and jumping, but nothing that has ever caused a nick or a weeper, so no harm done. I would just like to get a nice slick pass every time, and I don't always with this.

Overall, it's a good product for the price. It's in the same league as Proraso in that it's just a simple tube of cream, and it's very inexpensive - I think I paid around $6 CDN for it. If you're already using a cream you like, or you've become a 3T's cultist, then you may not be rewarded by trying this.

On a final note, I am now getting the closest shaves of my life, with no blood and ZERO irritation, and all I have ever used is my Merkur HD, Merkur or Derby Blades, my crappy little boar bristle brush, and Weleda, so I have absolutely no complaints about this product.

When I have more experience with varied products this might change, but there's my rather long, and perhaps less-than-eloquent review on Weleda Shave Cream. Overall, 8 out of 10, on the basis of knowing nothing, really.


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