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Welcome to B&B!

For those like me that aren't familiar with the company, you can see the site at https://ekinon.com/. I also found the info below helpful because I had no idea what the name meant!

Ekinon, meaning "for him" in Greek sprouted it's roots over 20 years ago when the availability of men's hair and skin products was limited.
Hey there Stan glad to see you made it to B&B.

FYI everyone Stan is a stellar vendor to deal with. I recently purchased some Baume.be cream from him and had a wonderful customer service experience. His packaging is unique and excellent. I would highly recommend him especially to any other Canucks.

Take care Stan. Great to have you here.
I am very humbled with everyones comments and well wishes and want to extend my thanks once again for such a warm welcome. Mark1JT it's a pleasure dealing with you and our correspondance and your invaluable feedback allows me to become a better vendor. Thank you!
kansaskyle I'm glad someone asked the question! It's not the most marketable name but we really wanted something short that had meaning to us. Thanks for doing your research :)
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