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Welcome Back!

If you're reading this message, it means you're viewing B&B on a brand new, snazzy dedicated server, and that everything seemingly transferred smoothly.

If you notice anything that seems like it broke because of the server swap, feel free to post it in the Site Feedback forum.

Thanks for your patience while we shuffled things around. Now, back to posting!

-The Mods

(Your dreams were your ticket out)

Too obscure again?
Welcome back!! Way to go!!

The DNS at my office is updated but not the one at home so I just typed in the IP address :biggrin:

Congrats on what appears to be a smooth transition!!

I think I'll go soak a badger and shave in celebration.
WoooHooo! Congratulations on the new server!
That was FAST! I am so impressed with you guys!! I know you have busted your butts to get this done and I have to say CONGRADULATIONS!!!!!

Bear Hugs to all!!

Sue (Mama Bear)
CONGRATULATION to all Mods and the other helpers for the fast work...
Keep up that great one...

Nice job, Nick--I was out of the house for a few hours today and just logged on.

The best compliment that i can give you is that I didn't notice a thing!
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