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Discussion in 'Shaving Brushes' started by AJS, May 29, 2006.

  1. AJS


    Is the Simpsons Wee Scott brush actually any good, or is it more of a novelty item? I have managed to resist ordering one up until now, but it's becoming harder to resist ordering one for the "sake of completeness." What is the general consensus on this brush?
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  2. drP



    According to many the Wee Scot is not only a "novelty item" but is a good brush to use for daily shaving. The Wee Scot itself is in fact very old and was already produced by Simpsons decades ago. Corey Greenberg of Shaveblog is very fond of this extremely tiny brush.

    As for my self, i don't consider the Wee Scot as a suitable brush for daily shaving. Pure technically speaking it performs as well as bigger brushes, but what it lacks is the luxurious feeling of a big soft badger loft on your face, filled with copious amounts of wet, hot lather; like the Savile Row 3132 for instance:wink:

    And this is what wetshaving is all about: not only attempting to get a BBS shave only, but enjoying and pampering yourself with the luxury of badger, lather and blade:001_smile

  3. DrP is absolutely correct about the enjoyment of wetshaving -the faciomasturbatory nature of the whole thing...

    I have a Wee-Scot and I use it once in a while. It performs well, and it's my only "best" level brush, so it gives a different feeling from my other brushes (which are all "super badger," for what it's worth).

    It's also great for traveling. Although, it's not like the other brushes are SO big- I mean, even if I decide to take my Chubby 2 or my 28mm Shavemac to LA in a coupla weeks, is it really going to take up MORE room than the Scot?

    It's cute, it looks great next to the others, and it'll toss into my dop kit for an overnight at the in-laws. Emsplace has it for something like $39 plus shipping. How can you go wrong?
  4. It is probably not insignificant that the Wee Scot's most visible champion, Mr Greenburg, has recently abandoned brushes altogether in favor of brushless concoctions.
  5. It didn't sound like he was completely abandoning brushes. It seemed more to me like he was just stating that he's getting good shaves without a brush. But I could be way off!
  6. Bumpus, I think you're right. Corey appears to be exploring quickie shaves, but not completely abandoning the full-on brush&razor rig. Quickie implies without brush, when possible, I would imagine. That's not something that appeals to me, no matter how pressed for time I am!
  7. rtaylor61

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    He's just copying Richard (Coche_y_bondhu) this time. One or two weeks ago, Richard had a thread about using brushless shaving creams. You can find it as SMF. As is the usual Corey fare, borrowed ideas with a bit of a spin.

  8. I've just ordered a Wee Scot, I'm not sure why though. My expenditure on shaving requisites has leapt enormously since joining Badger & Blade.
  9. Got one on the way as well... expect a review in about a week and a half.
  10. AJS


    My apologies for spelling Scot, with the erroneous double t. I had seen this brush listed as the Wee Scott on another site, hence the mistake. I would like to assure everyone that I am not an illiterate moron, despite what the original post may have led you all to believe. Just wanted to get that cleared up.
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  11. AJS-

    We'd never use one mistake to label someone an "illiterate moron." Everybody nicks here and there, no?

    I once spelled Merkur with an 'e': like :Merker"... I had to wear the B&B Dunce Cap for a week. It was awful, and I've learned my lesson.
  12. AJS


    Thanks for replying, I wasn't assuming for a second that anyone here would be that judgemental, just wanted to bring it up for my own peace of mind.
    Warm regards,
  13. My Wee Scot arrived today.... and let me tell you it is small. Not like "oh what a cute little brush" small - like "This should be a prop in a dollhouse small."

    My pinkie finger..... DWARFS this brush. I could not imagine EVER using this thing for shaving, or any "real" or "practical" purpose, as literally the brush head is the size (if not smaller than) the top joint of your pinkie finger.... by god it would be quite a chore to lather up your face with this thing.

    I'll post pictures of it, and the ungodly small Simpson Major I got today - once I get home. The major for some reason looks to be of decent size in pictures - but my god is it REALLY small.... the T&H turnback makes it look like Hulk Hogan standing next to David Spade.

    The major I think is *just* large enough to be reasonable to shave with.... but it is pushing the limit, and I am a small brush fan. The Wee Scot is a total joke, and although I planned on using it at least once, I may not even do that - as once you see the pictures I think you'll understand.... it is the size of a paperclip - really kinda a joke of a brush.
  14. Scotto

    Scotto Moderator Emeritus

    Uh oh - a chink in the armor of the Grand Poobah of the Simpson Sycophants (tm) ?? :lol:
  15. Hey now fella - I said they were small... not that I didn't like them - or that they weren't of superlative quality. In fact - the Simpson Major is WITHOUT question the highest quality shaving brush I have ever held/seen. just examining one in person is truly an honor, as the amount of time required to make this brush, and quality of materials is truly astounding. It seems to be as dense and firm as a Chubby - so this may be a neat brush for small brush fans - who want Chubby like lathering ability/scrubbing ability.

    Seriously though - when you see this Wee Scott posted tonight, I promise it'll give you a chuckle.
  16. I got a Wee Scot a few weeks ago.....haven't used it yet....and I agree. To me it looks like a keyring:confused:

  17. Yeah, very small. And it's all I have right now, so I have to use it. But I never imagined it was that small. When I opened the box, I kept unwrapping from the tissue paper thinking "how much more paper is there?". It kept unrolling forever, I thought. It's just hard to believe the brush is really designed for use. But it's working ok for me.
  18. Scotto

    Scotto Moderator Emeritus

    An honor to hold it? Sheesh - you got it bad, buddy. What is Simpsons putting in those brushes? What's next, Simpsons Anonymous?
  19. I'm not a brush geek but I own several quality brushes, a couple real monsters (in price & size) but to tell you the truth I prefer a smaller brush.

    The wee scot is extreemly small though. It works better than you would have thought possible, but it is too small to be aesthetically pleasing IMO.

    Small to medium brushes are better, they're a practical size whilst very large brushes are over-rated IMO, they just use up more cream & take away some of the enjoyment of working a lather up on your face.

  20. *old thread bump*

    Did you ever post a review of the 'Wee Scot' after actually trying the thing? Love mine.

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