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Wapienica rust, advice needed please

I have a Wapienica straight that has developed some rust issues on one side and was wondering if it is still safe to shave with (it doesnt seem like there is any rust on the actual blade/edge).

Also, how can I safely remove the rust, honing cannot reach the rusted area.

I'm also posting some pictures of my hone, does it look "normal" ? I barely use it, maybe 5 times now.

Lastly, does anyone know what type of metal the Wapi is ? I can't seem to get it sharp enough.

$IMG_0006.jpg $IMG_0007.jpg $IMG_0011.jpg $IMG_0013.jpg $IMG_0014.jpg
As far as safety, get a tetanus shot... The rust look like it can be polished out.... Get some "white diamond" polish from an auto store and go at it... If hat doesn't work used 600 grit sandpaper...

As far as steel I dunno.. I know that most wapis were made to be autoclaved for sterilization as it was used in medical applications ... Maybe stainless?
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