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Vintage Old Spice Brush:

Found this at an antique store the other day. It appears in NOS to at least mint condition. I've used it on my soaps and to my surprise it has now become my go to brush. I actually like the long handle, now my hands don't get slippery while making the lather. :smile:

Very nice brush. I always wanna reknot vintage brushes when I see them. NOS or not. But if that's not what you wanna do, then use it as you will. ;)
That brush is so many diffrent kinds of cool that I have lost count :001_cool:

Very nice find!


Sweet find! I've been looking for one myself, but no luck yet. In that nice of shape, I might not even be able to use it. It would likely sit on a shelf.
Outstanding find, I have always loved Old Spice stuff ever since my Grandpa first put Old Spice after shave on me at age 7.
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