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FS Vintage Gillette Platinum Plus DE Razor Blades Lot

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Another sale from my vast top tier quality vintage blade collection. 280 vintage Gillette Platinum Plus blades made for the European market in 1979. Each blade is individually wrapped and sealed unlike dispensers that can harden and stick together over time. Asking $269 USD shipped Canada & USA. Any questions feel free to ask.

I realize the price is steep but vintage blades are expensive for a reason: the quality and longevity compared to modern thats why I and others use them exclusively. If it helps anyone who is curious I can split the lot in two. 140 each for $136 USD


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I have many vintage Wilkinson which is my favorite blade. But regardless of how great they are I’m simply not going to pay $1 per blade. For any blade. But you are in line with prices I’ve seen elsewhere. That’s what they go for. And as you know people pay it.
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