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Vintage Brushes for sale, Adorations, Plisson & Ever Ready


From Left to Right;

Adoration with Red Catalin Handle - This is one of my first Restorations, probably 10 to 15 years ago. The top ferrule is starting to discolor again and the letters need to be repainted. The lettering was never super deep but they are all there. I just installed a brand new 30mm Silver Tip Premium Knot from TGN with silicone so it could be removed if you would like to at some point. The knot is set at roughly 56mm high. Asking $200 OBO.

Ever Ready 500E Pure Badger Knot 24mm x 48. This is all original as found. The top Ferrule is now more cream than white. Lettering is deep and the Green Catalin handle is highly marbleized without any stress fractures that I can see. The knot doesn't shed and is in excellent useable condition. I've lathered it twice and it really is soft. It doesn't look like this brush was used much at all. Asking $70 OBO.

Plisson Horn handle High Mountain White Badger - Size 16 which means it's a 24mm knot. This one is Brand New, I never could bring myself to use such an expensive brush. It was a gift many years ago from co-workers. It has the whitest badger I've seen in a long time and super super soft to the touch. They still sell this brush today and the current retail price is about $650. I'm asking $450.

Last is another Adoration with a Butterscotch Catalin handle and a Black Ferrule. I did a light polish with Mothers Polish but nothing else. The knot should be replaced if you wanted to use this one. The lettering is deep and there are no cracks in the handle. Asking $150.

I have lots more pictures for you to see if you send me your email address. I'd like to keep this sale to USA shipping only but will consider other options. Shipping is $10 in the USA. Starting to clear out my collection from the last 20 + years. You know the old saying, Honey, sell my brushes for what they are worth, not what I told you I paid for them!

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A few more pictures of the remaining brushes. I have more pictures that I can email if you are interested. Open to offers if you think my price is off base. Thanks.


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