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"Unprocessed" Oumo knots

A month or so ago Oumo released two "unprocessed" badger brushes, a two band and a three band. The ad copy describes a multi step process to remove thicker poking hairs, but apparently neither knot goes through a bleaching process that is so popular these days to produce that "gel" sensation. Instead, the two band has a nice scrubbiness to it, while the three band has a classic "wall of badger" feel. What intrigued me most was the claim that the three band was actual Meles meles (European badger), while the two band was the most contemporary Actonyx sp. (Hog badger). I've done a fair bit of digging and I can't find any modern day companies that will actually specify to using Meles meles. So long story short, I got one of each and am certainly intrigued to try them over the coming weeks. Included are come pics and comparisons with a Fanchurian V23 and a Simpson Super Badger.

🤣 Y'all are killing me.

These are really interesting knots, I believe every word about them being unprocessed, pure hair. There is zero gel, just a wall of fur.

The Kirin is softer initially but after splaying displays good density and some scrub. I like it quite a lot, the soft natural hair gives that old school cloud feeling. Again, with absolutely zero gel sensation.

The Unsullied 2-Band is a beast. It is dense and unforgiving. It is a pure scrub machine, yet somehow even with splaying pressure doesn't feel overly uncomfortable. Don't be mistaken, this thing is absolutely exfoliating away from initial touch, I wouldn't want to use it daily, but it's excellent after a few days growth.

I plan on keeping the Kirin, but the Unsullied will be staying with a friend who is trying both.
Thank you. Very interesting.
Can I ask for the height of the loft of the 25mm Kirin?
Would you buy it again with the same dimensions or would you prefer to have it lower/taller?
I've been using the Oumo unsullied 2-band badger 27mm knot for a couple weeks now ever since receiving it. It's very scrubby but I haven't gotten brush burn or anything. Also it gets to dry out well day to day. My Apshaveco G5C is just going unused these days.
Can anyone compare it the kirin knot to Simpson best badger?
They sound similar from the description.

My Simpson best is essentially an unprocessed three band silvertip.
I'm wondering if kirin is similar in feel.
You won't find anyone advertising European Badger hair brushes, it's illegal to kill them since they are protected. Any claim like that from an EU country would have the police very, very interested. American badgers are also protected.

The Chinese species is farmed, not wild caught I believe.

Chan Eil Whiskers

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Very interesting knots. Thank you for bringing them to my attention.

I was totally unaware of these Oumo knots until I read this thread and did some homework a few minutes ago. I'm not at all a fan of gelled knots; in fact, I find them slimy, off putting, and weirdly chemical in their feel.

Like everyone else, I'm often confused about the degree to which knots have or have not been processed regardless of what manufacturers and others say about the knots. Sometimes manufacturers are somewhat vague and imprecise in their descriptions concerning chemical treatment of their knots, whether deliberately so or not.

I have a few brushes with knots I believe are natural meaning they are not chemically treated.
  • Mozingo
  • Saponificio Varesino
  • Zenith Manchurian
  • Simpson Manchurian
  • Shavemac
Still, I don't know for an absolute fact that none of these are chemically treated. My beliefs about the knots are based on my experiences with them and sometimes on published information. That sometimes means widely published information and sometimes means information which came from the manufacturer in an email to one customer.

I wonder how the Oumo Unsullied compares with the Shavemac D01 two band?

I look forward to hearing more about these Ouma knots, and very much appreciate what appears to be transparent information from Oumo.

Thanks for sharing your experience and introducing me to these knots.

Happy shaves,

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