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tweezerman brush = needs holder

Got one of the little tweezerman brushes today from the brown truck. The instructions say to let it dry on its side or in a brush holder. Didn't think about a holder so I used a plastic coated coat hangar and made one that drops down from my towel rack near the sink. Perfect. I don't even know if I'll rush out and buy a replacement in the near future. My mind is working to make one in the shop one day that I can also put brush and razor on. Just wanted to share the drop down coat hangar idea. Can't do pics, apologies, but I think you can get the idea. Enjoy!
I don't recall if it's here or on SMF, but there's a thread (probably a couple of years old by now) of folks posting pics of their homemade shave gear. Many are coat hanger brush holders. Up until a week or so ago, my brush holder was a twisted (dare I say sculpted :tongue:) coat hanger. I now use a "real" brush holder for my main brush (acquired from Bulldawg - thanks much!). The hanger, however, is still in service holding a second brush. Oddly enough, they both work equally well. :biggrin:
Thanks for the note radaddict, made me chuckle = "they both work equally well". Yes, seems like I'd seen a prior thread now that you mention it, just didn't think to search for coat hangar or something close. Take care!

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FYI, most tests shows that a brush dries equally well hanging upside down or sitting on it's base pointing up.
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