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Trumper Sandalwood Shaving Soap

Has anyone used Trumper Sandalwood shaving soap? How does the sandalwood scent compare to say QED or Art of Shaving sandalwood soaps?

I have it and absolutely love it. Though I haven't tried any of the others. Trumper's has an amazing reputation for their products. I feel you would be hard pressed not to like it.
I love the Trumper Sandalwood scent and the soap is an excellent performer. The scent is nothing at all like the QED Sandalwood which is a pure Sandalwood scent.

I can't describe specifically how Trumper differs except that is is more complex than the QED, almost like it could be a cologne. It is hard to identify sandalwood scent in the Trumper if you compare it to the QED.
It is a very, very faint scent on the puck. To me, it smells floral with a woody background. Nothing at all like AOS.
I love Trumpers Sandalwood Shaving Soap and use it very often. But I don't know the others you mention. I allways use it followed byTrumpers Sandalwood Skin Food as aftershave and that combination gives me a very descreet scent of sandalwood, which I like.
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