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Totally did not see this coming

But I'm not sure I don't prefer a half hollow to a quarter hollow.
I love the beefiness of the quarter grind on my Wapi, but sometimes it gets stuck to my face (you know what I mean right?). Yesterday I shaved with the 1/2-3/4 (It's a bit of a hybrid) hollow US Cutlery that I got shave ready a few days ago, and thanks to whatever virus I had I hadn't shaved in several days since I had taken a day or so off before I got sick.
The thing tore through multiple days of growth like it was nobody's business, and when it came time for the XTG on the cheeks, no sticking to the face! I'm truly torn now, I really am. And I think the experience proves the razor is shave ready too :biggrin:. Just the test I wanted to put it through.
That said I kind of prefer the quarter ground Wapi. Maybe I like quarter ground razors, but just need to exercise a bit more care with them (I could really whip that US cutlery around without paying as much attention...)

Any thoughts?
The wedgier razors do tend to stick to your face more. Whether this is a feature or a bug depends on personal preferences. As you've discovered, hollow ground razors can shave tough whiskers just as well as the wedgier razors if they're sharp enough, and they really handle well on your face.
I would have been somewhat reluctant to say that the grind of the razor makes the difference, but since using my quarter grind Le Grelot, my straight razor shaving experience has been punted right into the stratosphere. It's the best razor I have.

There are many beautiful full hollows and "singers" out there, and I'd love to try them, but it just isn't the same shave.

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