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Too sick to shave (woe is me)

It's been a rough few weeks. I had a tooth extraction that didn't go well, that lead to several days of no shaving. I got one good shave in finally and then ended up with dry socket. Few more days no shaving. Between pain and all the stuff I was taking to deal with it, I just felt too unsteady to wield a straight razor. Well, that settled down and then a sinus infection. Normal fall occurrence for me but what I was taking for my tooth caused the early warnings to go unnoticed so I wasn't preemptive with it and it hit me pretty hard. That lasted about half a week. No shaving through that for sure. Then two good days. Two good shaves. Then I wake up feeling just kind of off. I had a decent shave but didn't enjoy it like I normally do. The whole day felt blah. That night, sudden fever spike, 101.5. Next morning, positive covid test. That was hell for 5 days. Finally fever broke. I forced a shave just because I couldn't stand the severity of stubble. Not a good shave. Lots of nicks and cuts. Didn't try for BBS, that seemed an insane prospect. Single pass butchered my face enough. That was 2 days ago. This morning I made a sorry excuse for a lather, lazily applied it to my face. Took one 2" pass on my right cheek, then got into the shower. Maybe tomorrow I'll get another 2" pass done. Shave 2" a day. We can start a new thread for it.

I am really sorry to hear that you have been feeling unwell. This is one of the reasons why I refuse to go to the dentist during covid times, it requires the mask to come off, and thats how you can easily get nailed by the virus. I am also sorry that the dentistry procedure didn't go well either, sounds like you've been hit double wammy style. I also think its awful that you face regular sinus infections every fall, thats not right.

Here's hoping that you get well soon. 😷


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Hope you feel better soon. Those are the occasions I keep a few cartridge razors and some canned goop for. Shave in the shower. You might not get a great shave, might not enjoy it as much, but at least you can get through it.
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