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TOBS shaving cream packaging

It looks like most folks consider the Taylor PVC tub to be a negative. I always liked the sturdiness of it. A couple of days ago I knocked an almost full tub onto a hard flooring surface. The impact was hard enough that the contents shifted dramatically inside the tub. The tub itself was completely unscathed. Had that been a glass jar or harder plastic, I would have been scraping shaving cream off the floor.
I'm still new to wetshaving and have never used cream in a glass jar (although a CE cream is on my "to try" list), but I don't have any problem at all with the plastic tubs. I believe two things to be the case:

I didn't buy the cream for the packaging, I bought it for the latherable goodness inside and the scent.


The jars themselves sitting on my bathroom counter should serve as an ample conversation piece considering the number of people who use mass-marketed shaving products these days. It doesn't need to be in a fancy jar to be effective at what it does.

Just my 2 cents.
I do not mind the packiging. All the main creams I use have the same type of tub. I would rather pay less for a pvc than more for a glass jar.
Personally I think the packaging is fine. I think some people who have issue with TOBS packaging are looking for an elegant or luxurious presentation. Most recognize that Taylor's is a wonderful product that is on par with products costing 10-20 dollars more and the savings is in the packaging.
My daughter likes to carry my TOBS Almond around the house (she says it smells like cookies) and it has been dropped / thrown on the floor numerous times and has yet to crack. Thumbs up on the packaging!


I personally don't mind the PVC tubs.

Although I do find myself yearning for a tub of Penhaligon’s Blenheim Bouquet that I can leave out on the counter.
I think the packaging is just fine. Anything other than basic only adds to the price (or is probably designed to help justify excess cost). I keep my stuff in a cabinet anyway.
It may be possible to reuse the tubs for other household odds and ends.

My wife has claimed the used tubs for her various needs.

Could be a good item for storing nuts bolts etc in the garage.

I really like TOB creams. I have recently purchased their after shaves and find them to be quite pleasent and moisturizing.

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