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Tips on buying a good quality umbrella.

Fortunately I live close enough to my job that I can walk to work or ride my bike. We get a fair amount of rain in Central PA so often I'm checking the radar, skipping the bike, and grabbing an umbrella. Of course they're the low grade, one strong wind and it's inside out kind of contraptions. Well, I'm fed up. Today's my independence day from shoddy, quasi disposable umbrellas. I want to buy one that's going to last me a decade or more. I'm hoping some of our UK brothers and Northwest corner fellas can chime in on this one as experts.

Any suggestions on brands or construction? Oh, and I don't really want a giant golf umbrella but something that's still pretty roomy and is the long, walkking stick type. Other than that I'm open. Oh, one more. It has to be black.
I've spent good money on umbrellas and regretted it. They are one of the most lost items( or maybe it is just me). I've never had an umbrella for more than one winter. I just buy cheapies now so if I lose it or it gets taken:mad: it is no real drama. My 2c.
Oh, that kind of sucks. My situation would make it really tough for me to lose it but it's definitely a factor to consider.
Brigg makes the classic English pencil umbrella if that is what you are looking for.
Wow. I checked out the Brigg umbrella line. What craftsmanship. Out of my price range but nonetheless I can fully appreciate the product. I'd like to come in around $100 so maybe Brigg isn't the way to go but now I know what the gold standard is for umbrellas. Thanks.
I was able to get a good deal on a Davek umbrella. It is definitely high quality.

I have the Duet but maybe the Solo, Golf, or Traveler would meet your needs.

My thoughts on umbrellas are the same as sunglasses. You're more likely to break or lose a cheap pair because you know they are cheap, and you'll take better care of a quality pair.

Plus, the lifetime warranty helps.

I've been using a Shed Rain from REI for quite some time and have been very pleased with it. I was using last Friday as a t-storm was kicking up... it finally turned inside out with a ~50mph gust blew by. I simply popped it right back into shape and it's still good as new.

Run you about $40.

Here is the REI listing for it: http://www.rei.com/product/704409