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Tiny Funnels

Does anyone know where to get little funnels to decant cologne from the bottle into an atomizer..I checked w/QED and they don't carry any..
I'm fairly certain that Rik used an eye dropper to make his decants and not lose any in the process.

I'm now using larger surgical syringes.

You can pour it, but be prepared for a mess and a loss of product from spillage and evaporation.
Wal Mart has a set of plastic funnels, one of which is very small. I think the whole set was less than $3 bucks.


Do a google for atomizer. Most places that sell perfume atomizers will also sell the type of small funnel that you need.
Search for something called a, "Pipette."

Testors sells these for their small paint jars. They're cheap and since Walmart has sprawn almost everywhere, you can usually get some there quicker than by ordering online.

You can find them at Walmart in the static model paint section.

Here's a link to the Testors site.

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