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The Weight - but wait is there a lather problem?

Need some help Gentlemen...

One of my favorite scents in a shave soap thus far is The Weight by First Line Shave.
The only problem I have is building up a solid lather. I tried face lathering then bowl lathering; Both to no good effect. I may not be the lather pro, but I am able to build a nice consistent yogurt like lather with soaps from A&E, B&M, Zingari Man, Stirling Soaps, Wholly Kaw, etc...

Your advice is needed gents...
I'm more in the middle. I don't want a thick lather either, but if I was to measure its thickness I'd say my lather is no more than 2mm thick for a shave. You are making lather from soap makers of the highest quality IMO. And that's great. But when I find a soap that doesn't make lather to what I want it goes into the shower as a body wash. No matter what the scent is. Give it a try. You may find the lather it makes is good enough for a shave. But don't think all lather is equal in texture. Or quality. Most soap makers don't make soaps as well as others.
I have no experience with first line shave soaps, but, in general, more product and more water always seems to solve lathering issues. Spend more time swirling in the tub with a wetter brush.
Aye-Aye I hear you gentlemen and appreciate your feedback. Thus, I come to the conclusion that not all soaps (nor men!?) are created equal.
Not to put down FLS, but my experience with The Weight - is that I am able to create nice smelling Kefir like lather; On the other hand, with other soaps I am able to create Yogurt-like lather.

With the later I am able to tweak it to make it wetter and more fluid. With the former I am unable to build up to yogurt like consistency.
Perhaps a lot, I mean a lot more product is needed with the prior for the same yogurt effect I am striving for.

Cheers and have another great shave !
A lot of dudes, here especially, freak out if their soap lather doesn't look like a meringue pie. Which, if that's the case, why not just use canned shaving cream? It'll be just about as dry. Just make sure your soap lather is HYDRATED. No matter what you're using, you can get a good shave, and worry about the merits later.
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What type of brush are you using? Can you use a synthetic to see if you get the consistency you want?

Try loading for twice as long as you'd normally and see if that helps, or load half as much time as normal. Experiment a bit and see how it goes.
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