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The Shave of My Life and Words from a Former Noobie

So this morning I got the very best shave of my life. It was achieved with a Merkur HD, Musgo Real Cream, a Red Personna Blade, and Pre De Provence Aftershave Balm. Few people would get so excited about getting a great shave, but it is pretty much the norm around here. I simply cannot stop touching my face. I was very much a beginner 14 months ago. I had never touched a DE razor in my life. So like a big shot I very quickly went on to Feathers, which I have used exclusively for months. Cutting myself the whole time. And yes, they are great blades. But they are not the best choice for me. But as a beginner I was too bullish to realize that. In revisiting blades like Red Personnas, I feel I have done myself a great service. What I am saying is don't assume Feathers are the best just because of all the praise. There is no best. There is only what is best for you. Keep at it. Be patient. And like me I bet you'll get this whole DE shaving thing everyone here loves so much. Just had to share my nirvana with you. Thanks for all the great tips and information B&B. A little knowledge goes a long way.
Glad to hear you are having success!

Yes, blades are VERY much a YMMV. Everyone is different, and what works for some, might not for others.

Enjoy the shaves!
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