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The new Shavemac

So after afbout one year of using a brush, I purchased a newer one. My first brush is the entry level pure badger AOS shave that comes with their introduction kit.

Yesterday, the 26 mm siltertip black acryllic Shavemac arrived. A one day clearance for Dept of Game and Wildlife.

What strikes me is how handsome this brush is. Its regal in appearance--I'm working on pictures so I can show off a tad. Clearly, the bristles are more tightly and evenly bunched when comapred with the AOS brush. I did not notice a smell like I was told to expect. Still, I get the sense that the AOS brush, while not the level of the Shavemac, is a reasonable brush to start with.

I am so attached to its shine that I am a bit reluctant to use it but somehow, I will forge one. I'll post later regarding its performance.

So the first shave demonstrated that this brush was a quantum leap improvement over the my older one. First as I placed the brush into the hot water cup, I could actually see the water level drop as the brush slurped up the water. Then I did a few shakes to get rid of extra water and very little came out, applied it to the SCS soap and whammo, HUGE lather in 1/3rd the effort it took me with the old brush. Suffice it to say, I love my new brush and I think I picked well. I'm a happy little shaver.

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