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The Best Cheeseburger In Los Angeles?LA Sells Out Every Weekend

I always love a great cheeseburger (we have some awesome ones here in Lake Charles, LA), but could this be the Best Cheeseburger in Los Angeles? I don't know, but maybe a member or two in Los Angeles could 'chime-in' here (sort of like a roving foodie critic), to see what's the internet (gone 'viral'), and patrons are all talking about. :drool:

Sydney Kramer & Amber Bragdon - Insider/Food - 28 Oct 19

"Goldburger started as a burger pop-up (limited time only...hopefully this joint will move to a permanent site in the future), in a backyard, but it recently won LA Food and Wine’s best burger for 2019.

They smash onions into a crispy patty and load it up on a soft white bun dripping with American cheese. It’s simple and absolutely delicious and people are lining up and waiting for a chance to try the burger.

They sell 500 cheeseburgers every weekend. The address of the pop-up is in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles at 3319 Sunset Boulevard...open weekends only".

Read More: Goldburger...the Best in LA

1572561882508.png “You can [feast] your way across this country using burger joints the way a navigator uses stars". Charles Kuralt
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Tommy’s. Intersection of Beverly and Rampart. Ask for extra chili. Probably been selling well over 500 burgers daily since the 1940’s.