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That stupid Kent BlK 8!

Ok I have about a dozen cool brushes. Most of them are smaller because I like them. My first higher end, actually my very first brush, was a Kent Blk 8. I want to hate it. This morning as I purposely overdid it with the KMF Lavender it just whipped a frenzied bowl full of luscious thick slick lather...but it also likes to hog a ton! Stupid Brush! I don't think it has every shed a hair. Stupid Brush! It feels like a nice piece of butter on my face I love it! But, it is so damn big its almost like a pillow on my face. Stupid Brush! The handle is perfectly shaped. But that too is a little too big! Stupid Brush! I want to hate it I really do. But everytime I use it I fall in love with it over again! That STUPID BRUSH!!!!!!!!

Anybody got any ideas on something half the size that would be exactly like it? Before the recommendation comes it seems the Kent 4 is almost the same size.
Duke 3 somewhat , Polo 10 , I think a Shavemac silvertip set at a higher loft would be in the same ballpark but your talking a very floppy brush as many others tend to have backbone of some sort.
The Vulfix 376 or 2235 would fit the bill and are very reasonably priced. I have a Kent BK12 that I use when I'm shaving my gorilla.
I have ever thought my BK8 hogged any lather. It's not all that dense and makes great lather for me. I have read the smaller BK4 to be floppy,more so than the BK8. Try adjusting your water ratio and see if that makes any difference. If I ever get a gorilla, I'm getting the BK12.
"shaving my gorilla"????

If I put that on a t-shirt, gave it to my son and he wore it to school, he would be sent home before lunch.
There is no competition for the BK8 except for this guy:
The B&B LE '08.


If I only had to choose 2 brushes, I'd choose this and the BK8.
I own a Rooney Finest among other brushes.
What does that tell you about the Kent?
It's quality and luxury all the way!
I'v never used a Kent, but many a review said that TGN Super Silvertip is a close match. It's second hand so take it for what you will.
I have a BK8 and it likes to "eat" lather as well ... but there's an easy solution for that issue: simply put more cream & water in your bowl, hehehe

What a superb and creamy lather I get with it, only in a few seconds! The best bowl lathering brush I have ever tried! Only for that I can forget its enormous knot and soap-hate, hehe.

I have as well a Duke3 in Best, and it's a really good all-round brush, excepcional performer with soaps, but the BK8 makes better and faster lather in bowl without doubt. They are a good couple for different issues! I read as well that BK4 is floppier than BK8, by the way

I took deliver of my Kent BLK8 today...WOW, it is one sexy brush.

when I 1st saw them a couple years ago, I did not like the ultra cury handle, but my tastes must be changing as I find the look (and ergonomics) of it very pleasing now. I haven't actually put it to my face yet, but will be test lathering it tonight and putting it to use shortly.

Initial impressions are: Pure Class, ultra soft, comfortable handle.

14 posts and no pics of the BLK8...I'll change that when I get home :biggrin1:

Can't wait to try it out. :thumbup:
this may be the softest brush I own. softer then my shavemac silvertip, softer them my thater. WOW.

1st use will be tomorrow, but the test lather is proving this purchase was a good one.

A really good buy yours, mate! Just for contrast, here you are my BK8 in white handle (and bloomed) compared with my Duke3:

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Well, I was able to put the Kent BLK8 to the the test today. It had a lot to live up to, lot's of positive threads and feedback, lost of talk about floppy and too big, so I really had no idea what to expect. I was truly blown away.

I pulled out some MW Rosalimone and decided to face lather this thing right off the bat. It picked up soap easily and had enough for 3 passes and a 4th on my face during cleanup duty.

No issues releasing lather, I never had to re apply any soap or dip it in water to moisten it. I went about my face lather the normal way, swirling on face, then paint strokes.

End result was 3 passes of pure luxury. NO scritch, No scrub, just pure pillowy face lathering.

It's only been 1 use, but I'm pretty sure it's the softest brush in my collection and I did not find it floppy.

I am very happy with my purchase and it's on deck again for tomorrow, and probably for the next week or so, as I like to give it a gun run right out of the gate to make sure my initial impressions are not to quick judging.
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