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Taylor shave cream sensitivity?

I bought 2 jars of Taylor shave cream; one Avocado & one Rose.
Both make a tingling & itchy feeling as soon as I put either one on. The Avocado cause more irritation for me than the Rose. Even after rinsing off with water & washing with soap; my facial skin will continue tingling, a little stinging and itching feeling most of the day. I don't break out though!
(The closest way to descrive it is;Almost like shaving without using an aftershave & then sweating in the summer.)
There must be something it it that disagrees with me. I have used Proraso with no problems what-so-ever.
Has anyone else experienced anything like this? Both creams are great products other than this! The Taylor Rose shave cream smells fantastic!
I might decide to sell them later on; the Avocado has been used twice, and the Rose one time! Scotty

I do have snsitive skin.
That's too bad... I thought that these varieties (especially the Avocado) were supposed to be relatively friendly to sensitive skin. I use both (though I use the Avocado far more often) and they have never given me any problems.
well it sounds like something is disagreeing with you. As NMMB said, usually the avocado is recommended for sensitive skin. You might try T&H Ultimate Comfort shave cream that is unscented. See how that treats you. Also try another brand and see if their scented line bothers you. You might think of purchasing one of Scotto's sampler packs to see if this is just a Taylor trait or if it's all scented creams.
Hi Scotty,

I recently tried a sample of Taylor Avocado, once. The longer it was on my face the less I liked it. I got a good shave otherwise, but something in lather was vaguely annoying, and I thoroughly washed my face shortly after shaving. My reaction was not as pronounced as yours, but enough to put me off this cream. (Life is too short to shave with stuff that irritates one's face.) This was disappointing, given that the Avocado cream is frequently recommended for those with sensitive skin (that's why I tried it), but reinforces the notion that we all respond differently to different products.

I do have sensitivities to some fragrances and shaving cream/soap ingredients. I'm avoiding rose creams.

I had less trouble with the Taylor Almond than the avocado, though I'm not sure that will make it into my "rotation" either.

Good luck,

BTW, I second Justin's suggestion of trying a sampler pack from Scotto.
I think that this says it all:

smoothshaver said:
...Life is too short to shave with stuff that irritates one's face..

Yeah, I suggest that if this your Taylors products are giving you trouble then you try to trade them for something else that may be less problematic.
You should immediately dispose of the Avocado and Rose...please pack them very carefully and send them to me for proper disposal:biggrin: We don't want such things falling into the wrongs hands!!!!

Seriously, sorry the avocado and rose did not work for you. I too have sensitive skin and these two are my favorites.

Maybe something unscented might work. If you like Proraso you might like Tom's of Maine Mint cream. It is made with natural ingredients and it is a great shaving cream. You can find it at your local Whole Foods stores.



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I assume you have the new formulations of those two creams. The old versions were terrific. I can't get past that mosquito repellent component of the new avocado, and as for the new rose, I can't quite figure out what the hell is going on in there.

Bottom line- if it makes you itch, get rid of it. Try the sale/trade forum. I'm sure you'll get some takers.
Welcome Scotty! What can we do to help? How about trying a nice pure, cold-pour soap without fragrance? QED and others have such soaps for the sensitive visage. Perhaps a shaving stick or two or three or ... Ooops, there goes the SCAD again!:drool:
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