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Suggestions for a starter humidor?

I'm looking to purchase my first humidor to store maybe 25-50 cigars at the most. I have a budget in mind of around $70, but am willing to budge on that a bit if the quality is there. The local selection is next to nothing, so I'm mostly interested in a good humidor to be found online. What humidors would you good gents of B&B recommend at that price point?

I know there are some relatively inexpensive options out there that could save me some money [to invest in contents for the humidor], such as some on amazon and cheaphumidors.com, but I'm unsure of the quality on these. Any experience with those types is greatly appreciated!

Note: I'm not interested in the tupperware and/or cooler options. Something about a nice wood box full of top quality cigars greatly appeals to me :)
go on amazon and get your self a nice cheap starter kit once you learn to keep it at a steady you can go from there. its the best place to compare prices and models I paid around 60 bucks for mine with the whole kit sponge temp/humidity sensor and seasoning. the humidor its self was a bit on the heap side nice enough to keep out but not one I would brag about but it keeps a nice 70% all day.
Unfortunately I can't help except to recommend anything made by prometheus. My wife got me a 50 count in rosewood for our first wedding anniversary and it is spectacular. I have no trouble with humidity problems or anything that a few mates have with the $50 ones they have trouble keeping it constant. It will last a lifetime so sometimes it's best to invest in quality... :thumbup:
My recommendation is to pay a little more. I fought for years trying to get cheap hummidors to work, finally my wife bought me a Savoy XL. My only regret is that I didn't get it earlier. You will always need a hummidor larger than you think, you save a lot buying in bulk. Also, spending a little more on a hummidor now can save you a lot more down the road replacing a cheap hummidor and/or replacing ruined cigars.

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