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Suggest a different razor for me

I'm a woman, not that it really matters for my question. However, it explains why my first safety razor was a Lady Gillette. Nice razor, and I was quite happy with it in the beginning. I tried a Knack, which wasn't much different, and a no-name Chinese, which was just ok. Then I tried a Slim Adjustable. I like the additional weight and the adjustable feature. I usually have it set on 3, but with some blades can open it up to 5.

For my next razor, I wouldn't mind something that's even heavier than my Slim Adjustable. I would prefer something that's adjustable, but would consider something that's comparable to my Slim set on around 3-4.

So, am I looking for a Fatboy? A Progress/Mergress? Something else?
A Fatboy is a great choice.
And a true classic.
So watch the B/S/T!

I also like a Muhle 89 in chrome.
Great razor.
Why not try a nice Gem GBar or an injector? Seriously ... SE razors blew me away. Just don't go open comb for your first one. But the GBar is beeeeeaaauuuutiful to use.
If you are looking for class AND adjustable, then you must find a late 50's Executive on the bay or maybe in the B/S/T! They are hefty, sophisticated and adjustable for the discerning lady with class! :thumbup1:
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