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Suds and Sparkles Peppermint!

Link to eBay listing (has pictures and all the scents listed with descriptions and the color the soap will be): http://www.ebay.com/itm/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ssPageName=ADME:X:RTQ:US:1123&item=130555119802
So, I was searching eBay and found a nice lady who makes soaps. She has over 200 scents, and when I saw Peppermint Essential Oil I just had to get it. I also ordered from her Bay Rum and Sleigh Ride (Cloves and cinnamon with green apple, I believe). So far I haven't gotten to use these.

The puck is 3.25oz and fits in any basic dish (check her eBay page for measurements). Here is a picture of the soap in my dish (forgive me for the horrible cell phone quality photos, I did not have a camera at my disposal):

As you can see, it's a basic puck. Nothing special, but I wouldn't want a star-shaped puck or anything, so this is perfect.

I suppose the lather is the most important part. Now, I will admit after reading around I was a bit worried because this soap includes Olive Oil as an ingredient and I read it was not a good ingredient for shave soap (according to some people). Well, check this out:

The lather was HUGE. It's hard to tell in this picture because my brush bristles are white (I am using an Omega Synthetic). But, wow! Better than my Van Der Hagen soap I would say for sure! And applying to the face is a breeze, and that's kind of meant to be taken literally. This stuff is COLD. Seriously. It's like a candy cane on your face smell wise (which I love), but the coolness is outrageously awesome, especially for this outrageously hot summer in Maine! It was nice and thick, and the best part (the part I worried about because of olive oil) is the lather did not dry out on my face. It stayed perfect and thick and kept the razor gliding very nicely. I was super surprised how easily this stuff lathered and how good it felt. My face right now, about an hour and a half after my shave feels quite refreshed and VERY clean.

Afterwards I had one spot where I could feel razor burn was starting...right under the sides of my chin. No matter what, it seems that happens, I haven't mastered it yet. But, the soap actually kept it at bay because of how cold it was, and then adding Vijon Brisk (Skin Bracer clone) afterwards made my face just freeze in place. My eyes watered. But, it literally killed my razor burn. I still feel super refreshed, and I have a feeling this soap would be good for a morning pick-me-up.

So, would I recommend this soap? Most definitely. The price is good, but more importantly there are SO many scents. Kerie is very nice to speak to and she will help you pick out the scents you want (she replied to probably a dozen messages and showed no annoyance!). Plus, I ordered on Friday I believe and got them on Monday (today). She really works to make her customers happy it seems, and she has terrific feedback. She gets an A+ in my book, and I will definitely be buying more of her soaps!

Ingredient List (on her eBay listing): Goat's Milk, Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Bentonite Clay, Cocoa Butter, Olive Oil, Jojoba, Avocado, Mango Butter, & Macadamin Nut...
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I just tried one of the other scents I got, "Sleigh Ride." It is described as green apples and spice, but to my nose it smells EXACTLY like a thin mint cookie. The mint is apparent, but you can actually smell the crunchy cookie in it (which I think is awesome). What can I say about this one? It is just as good, and I'm sure the soap is the same except for the scent. It lathers incredibly well, in fact I had way TOO much later! I'm used to lathering for a bit, but with these soaps the lather just seems to explode within seconds! This one is really really nice, and I have a feeling this will make for a good winter soap because it isn't mentholated but is very nice and has a cool scent that to me fits in with that season (Christmas-y). Another one I can definitely recommend! I did not take pictures of the lather, but it's good, and it's probably the same soap so I didn't see the point honestly. This soap is a light-ish blue if that matters. Tomorrow I will give my thoughts on the Bay Rum I got. Just smelling the bar it is extremely spicey, so I am hoping it'll be a good match to the Pinaud Bay Rum.
You bet! I looked her stuff up and couldn't find it annnnnyyyyywhherree! So I had to let you guys know :)
The link shows nothing. Darn. If she has 200 scents I'm bound to find something I like. The clay puts me off though.
No problem, Zack. Going to order some, I think. I like how the descriptions are....but not really into BBW's haha
BBW? Sorry, not sure what it means! I like the soaps a lot and there are plenty of soaps. Enjoy them if you get some and if you speak to her maybe give her a shout out for me :)
Okay, I tried the Bay Rum. This one is a tricky one scent wise as I have never smelled a Bay Rum it resembles (I have smelled Masters and Stephans but own Pinaud Clubman). This one smells very buttery, it's very hard to describe, and I think as it sits out of its wrapper the scent will seep out more. I spot some kind of fruity scent in it. This one will need an update so I can say precisely what I think the scent has. I really like the other ones, those get tens from me. This one I like, but not when it is described as bay rum (currently). I have noticed the other ones have gotten stronger scent wise out of the wrapper, and this one wasn't taken out until today so I will give it a few days. This has some spice to it, too. So if you want that super sweet classic bay rum, this isn't it, but this is quite nice and soothing and lather just as well as the other soaps. This one is a greenish color, but has a clay look to it so it's kind of tannish-brown, too I'd say (I'd have to go look at it and it's waaaaaayyyyyy over there in the bathroom). This one would be worth trying if you already had basic bay rums and wanted something different. Now, I will be trying this again soon so we will see how the scent changes. Personally? Peppermint is my favorite; I LOVE that cooling sensation.
Sorry for the late bump, Zack. But do they all lather alike? Is the overall scent tempered? Not too strong I mean?

Oh and BBW means Big Beautiful Woman
Hey Chico, I have several and they all lather alike. Some scents are stronger than others, such as coffee which is a strong scent in general. None of them have given me that "sick to my stomach" feeling that you might get with too much of one scent.
Good, I have been wanting to try out these soaps, I'll pretty much try any shaving soaps, but I like the small, artisan makers the best and I was wondering if these were any good.
looks good!!! thanks again Sack

love trying new artisan soaps :)

check out the ebay link to the store I posted above too. soaps, shaving soap and even clothing :)
I just looked at her Dragons Blood scent description and it is the exact same description to Mama Bears Dragons Blood scented shaving soap.
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