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Strop stiction? Is there such a thing?

So, I've never experienced this before until now. I have a Razor Emporium strop, and a very good quality strop it is. 3 inches wide, combination canvas and horse hide, with good quality fittings. It's been very good. I recently replaced the horse hide with a piece of horse hide from them, and from the beginning it seemed a bit different. Same thickness and finish, but it was more supple with a slightly different grain. Felt a bit faster compared to the other horse I've had from them and hasn't cupped as much. I like the feel of it and the way it strops and it does a really good job.

But recently, I've had a sticking or "stiction" sensation at the top of the lap. At first, I thought the razor was biting into the leather when I was turning it on the spine. Upon inspection, there is no evidence that anything has been cut or gouged. There is no stropping compound on it and it hasn't been treated with any leather treatments. It's just plain horse hide same as the day I got it.

I checked to see if maybe I spilled something on that area of the strop, but its the same as the rest of the strop. It only happens after about 15 or 20 laps.

One thing is that I've been honing and stropping several razors, and areas of the strop look to be glazing and accumulating metal, even though I wipe the razor clean and thoroughly strop on canvas before going to leather. I don't use any stropping compounds either on the canvas or anything else. It's just stropping a clean razor after canvas before a shave or after/during honing. And its only at the top of the lap before flipping the razor for the downward stroke

Has anyone else experienced this?
Nothing like this for me on new, untreated strops. I have a few Tony Miller and a Kanayama Llama 30000 in that category.

I get a little stiction feeling, nothing I would call sticking, on some vintage strops that I have revived with Fromm strop compound. I strop very vertically and any slowing is much more evident at the top of my lap.
I have an older razor emporium strop - thick red latigo i think it was labelled. It has quite a heavy draw on it. I wouldnt say stiction like a razor honing but theres a little more suck than the smoother cordovan leather. It has a great linen piece
I have a russet horsehide strop that I assembled from parts purchase from Razor Emporium. It works just fine. The feel of every strop is slightly different during use depending upon the specific leather used.

It is possible for leather to dry out depending upon the humidity of the storage conditions. Many people like rubbing leather with the palm of their hands to transfer small amounts of skin oil to the leather for lubrication. There are also companies that make leather dressings or balms specifically designed for use on strops. However, you have to be careful not to use too much as that can change the characteristics of the leather.
I have a 3” chrome excel horsehide strop that does the exact same thing. It seems to me that when I get to the “magic number,” the blade starts to stick. I find it to be a very cool phenomenon and an excellent marker for when I can stop stropping. The strop in question has had this characteristic since day one. It has never had more than a palm rub every now and again. Basically, it’s pristine and nearly every razor I have exhibits that same stiction on this strop. I have never really thought it odd, just sort of interesting. I always attributed the trait to the oiler leather, but I have zero proof for this. For what it’s worth, I have a Kanoyama, Bison, and Torolf strop that do not show this trait.
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