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Str8 + DE; how many of you combine the two ?

Hello all,

I am mostly a str8 shaver, fallen into the horrible affliction that is SRAD. However, I wanted to have a better idea of "sharp" and so tried a DE just for the hell of it. A bit of a revelation really. After only a few months, I can truly say that I love my str8s and have a romantic affair with them, but after only 2 DE shaves ... I can truly say that this tool will remain handy in my quiver.

I plan on using the DE in the following situations:

-Second pass after a "rough" first pass, the days where you realise some honing is reuired.

-Too rushed to "enjoy" my str8 shave, no longer capable of even looking at a cartridge and in no way too rushed to skip the brush and fine soaps.

-Travel, though I am now looking into a Feather straight for just this reason.

-Just to add a different skill.

I wanted to hear from other members as I was wondering how many str8 shavers keep a DE handy for the same situations, and specifically how many of you combine the two during the SAME shave ... I have to say ... some of my favourite recent shaves have been first pass with str8, second pass with DE.


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I was going to keep 1 DE for when I travel and finally sold it. I only have straights at the moment. I can't keep something I don't use, I rarely travel...
I started using a straight about 2 months ago, haven't looked at my 39c since then. It'll probably be on BST soon...
I shave with a Feather AC daily but still have several DEs in my shave den and I do break them out on occasion. I was just away for a couple of weeks and took the feather with me.
I do two passes with a straight (wtg and xtg). I do two passes with a DE (xtg and atg). Sometimes I do a little more with the straight. This keeps my straight shaving up to speed and also makes me do the maintenance of stropping and honing. For some reason against the grain isn't happening with the straight. I do have a Dovo shavette that I don't like or use because the regular straight is so much better for me. I consider the straight to be more of a hobby.
I use a DE most week-days. I just can't enjoy the straight razor shave as much if I have to rush it. I use a straight razor most week-end mornings.

I have done various combinations. I like to use the straight razor to trim my sideburns precisely. I can then finish with the DE.
After a little over a month of straight shaving, I have now sold all my DE's except of one for the days I'm in a hurry or too tired to use straights.
I use a straight razor when I am not in a rush, and a DE, SE or injector when I have no time. I shaved exclusively with a straight for a year and needed to find a quicker option and I refused to buy any disposible razors or blades, so naturely I got a DE, then injectors then SE. Somewhere in there I joined B&B and realized I needed more soaps and creams and after shaves and balms and colognes and brushes and blades and razors.
I'm primarily a DE shaver but have recently got the stones to start with my straights. It's definitely a learning process but I anticipate that I will stay with the safety razors and use the straights on my days off when I have the time to really enjoy it and not feel like I'm in a rush to get it done and go to work
Okay I know I'm different in terms of this but yes, I use both.
I can do a "full shave: both full legs and underarms" with just a DE but when I want to use my straights I have to bring a DE into the bathroom too as no matter how many times I try (and I try a lot!) I can not shave properly under my arms with a straight - it's just too long.

That's why I'm hooked on SE razors and my injector lately - they are like short straights and give the best of both worlds!
After 30 years of almost exclusively shaving with a straight razor ( I shaved two times with a Mach 3 while on tour because I had no choice)
I tried a DE ( Gillette SS and Astra blade) for the first time last week. I totally understand their allure, they are simple, low maintenance and shave very well. While I will continue to use straights I think DEs are a great alternative when traveling and for shaving on the run. The blade trials will soon begin.
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