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My gym has some nice squash courts. I've never played before but I'd like to get into it. I've played a lot of racquetball and tennis so I'm not unfamiliar with racquet sports, but squash would be a new one.

Any recommendations on equipment, tips, tricks tools of the trade? I'm 100% new to the game.
I am a tennis player primarily and have dabbled in R Ball. Squash is closer to RBall in the strokes (very wristy), but differs from it in that the ball does not pop out into the center of the court, you have to go close to the walls to get the ball (hence the length of the racquet). At the higher levels there are specific tactics that have to be honed extremely well since the small court (compared to tennis) does not lend itself to just hitting winners.
Don't get frustrated, especially if you're playing someone experienced. It takes practice to get competitive. You can mask inexperience in racquetball somewhat with speed and fitness. Unfortunately not so much in squash.

Stretch well before your match. There's a lot of bending and reaching in squash.
Try to recover to the "T" (get back to the center of the court) as quickly as possible. It's the best offensive and defensive position. Most rallies end with the loser in one of the corners.
Keep your opponent moving, ideally to the exact opposite part of the court from where he hit the last return.
Since you're just starting, serve mostly to the back corners.
Volley the ball as much as possible to cut off the shot and so that your opponent doesn't have time to recover and set up his return.
Keep the ball close to the walls.
It's hard to hit outright winners since the court is small. You have to work your opponent out of position first.
Vary your shots and shot pace so that you're not predictable and your opponent doesn't get comfortable.
Upper court shots (3 feet up from the service line) change the rhythm and give you time to recover. Most shots (75 %) are lower court.
If you're going to lob, try to hit crosscourt lobs. Best if you're trying to recover from the front court or you're running out of gas.
When you use the sidewall it's best if your opponent is in the backcourt so that he can't cut it off.
Until you play a bunch, you won't know what racquet you prefer. Any of the name brands (Dunlop, Wilson, Head, Prince, Manta, etc.) are good. You don't need to spend more than $100. I use a Black Knight Viper.
I use Adidas Stabil 5 shoes. Head, Hi-Tec, Prince make good shoes. I don't like Asics for court shoes, although many do.
I played some when younger and had all my joints intact. Great game, great workout and require lots of finesse. You can also practice by yourself with court availability.
Above suggestion about not getting frustrated is key. position and control of the T is important and playing percentage shot. Make the opponent run for the ball.
It is called the Gentleman's game but it was started in London's Debtor prison. Pakistanis are great players. Check out the Khans.
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