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Something for sale (Brushes)

Rudy Vey

Shaving baby skin and turkey necks
For sale is one of my own, a Plisson European White, size 12, in the faceted handle. Very little used, maybe 20 times max.
$120 incl CONUS shipping

The next one is an Eagle style brush with the Muehle 25 mm STF (some also call it XL). I made this for a customer who just did a hand lather to clean it and found that the handle style is nothing for him. So, the good guy I am made him a new one in a style that he can hold better and took the first one back. This is also now for sale, I would call it non-used as it was only used once for the cleaning lather.
$80, incl CONUS Shipping (a $30 savings).

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