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Solid colognes?

How are these things? I see PAA has a whole range of scents. Do these last a while? And does the tub last for a reasonable period, since you're only supposed to dab a little on you each time?

Are there any solids that approximate the Green Irish Tweed/Stirling's Sharp Dressed Man/
I have one solid cologne and I find the scents are less 'complex' than a traditional edt. The top notes are more or less not there and the scent doesn't change much over the wear. I do find that it lasts longer on me though, probably due to the wax consistency. A hack to get liquid colognes to last longer is to apply some petroleum jelly to the spots before you spray so figure it's the same principle here. The tub last a while because you only apply a little bit.
I have one solid cologne, Olivina Bourbon and Cedar, which is an earthy scent of wood, spice and booze. Pretty nice and natural smelling, but like Shupey said, you get mainly the heart and base notes after application. This cologne lasts maybe three hours. Things I like about it besides the scent are ease of application, there is no tendency to overspray or overapply, and the tin it comes in is very compact, about three inches in diameter and half-inch thick. Sorry, no help for you on something solid like Green Irish Tweed, but something has to be available, many artisans are making solid colognes, have to search online. Perhaps call Maggards Razors with your inquiry after the virus restrictions ease up. They have a great website with details about each product they sell.
The couple I have had I enjoyed. I don't mind it being linear. Usually when I wear one, it's kinda nice to know how it will smell across the life of the wearing. I get better than average longevity but fairly close silage. Which is how I like it.

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I tried the Fulton & Roark sampler pack. Not impressed, but maybe I needed to apply more. I also have an Axe solid cologne that looks like it's really just deodorant. I like the complexity of a good cologne.
The only one I've had a chance to try was in a scent I didn't enjoy much. I think I'm getting Malbolge for Christmas. According to Douglas at PAA, you get a scent that is more true to what the perfumer intended when you use the solid colognes, as there's no evaporation or dry down, or any of the other complexities you get with the sprays.
These are really solid men's perfumes, and have similar performance to perfumes in general. The wax acts as a fixative so it reduces silage and increases longevity. It also mutes the top notes.

Cremo's Cedar and Cypress is quite good and it's something anyone could wear casually. A tin seems to last a long time.

Most of these are marketed towards travellers because they don't run afoul of air travel restrictions.
I got a Vetiver, the first solid cologne I've used, from Wet Shaving Products. I like it a lot. It's not overpowering and lasts a long time.
I have several from Cremo and Duke Cannon.
They're good for on-the-go or a quick fragrance when you don't want to wait for the alcohol to evaporate.

If you get a solid cologne in the same scent as a spray cologne, you can layer them for a longer-lasting fragrance.
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