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So long, yeard!

Last year, I decided to grow out my beard. I came across an old photo of my great-grandfather with an amazing Galdalf-like beard, and I thought: why not? Apart from a little devil beard in the 90s (we all make mistakes), this is the first time I just let it grow since it went wild for a while when I first got out of the Marines. For the past year, it's been growing in thick—and mostly white. Last Thursday, I happened to be driving by a barber shop that I'd heard good things about, so I decided to stop in and see what it was like. Before I knew it, I was in the chair. Got my beard trimmed and a haircut too. Really happy with both. My beard is still reasonably long, but looks much more under control. The crazy thing is, it looks darker than it used to. I guess that--like an old dog--my "undercoat" was whiter than the rest. With the trim. the brown layer is more pronounced. The end result is more brown/gray than gray/white. Anyway, I enjoyed growing it in for the year, but I'm honestly happier to have it under control. I haven't decided whether or not I'll keep it as it is, but I'm definitely going to leave it like this for a while.
I had a beard that I let "grow wild" for about 20 years (hair too). Both nearly down to my waist kind of long. People would cross the street when they saw me walking on the sidewalk towards them kind of wild.

Hair came off after I wound up a goodly portion in a creeper wheel and had to walk into the shop wearing the creeper like an earring looking for sheers to cut free from it.

The beard came off a year later after it "flopped" into tar waterproofing I was applying to a cement wall. No hope of saving much.

Been clean for 15 years now

Oh, good I thought you were going to say you're clean shaven!

I'm a little over a yeard myself. Well not quite an official yeard. I already had a pretty good beard going at this time last year and have trimmed it a few times since. I think I have a little over years worth of growth. It hangs about 7 inches bellow my chin, 9 if I pull the curl out. Thinking it's about time for another trim, but can't quite bring myself to do it yet.
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