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FS Smart-Helix...Revisited

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Hello folks
I am re-doing this S-H posting because quite honestly, I wasn't particularly well organized the last time. So I re-configured what I was trying to do and this time have it put together in a manner that isn't as messed up as last time.
Now, the premise is still the same. This is still a B&B exclusive. I have these .50 caliber shell casings made into shaving handles. The engraving is actually darker than it appears in the photos.
There are three versions:
1. All brass with Sons of Smart-Helix engraved on them. There are 3 left
2. Brass with chrome fitting for razor head, blue trim and also engraved with Sons of Smart-Helix. There are 5 left.
3. Brass with chrome fitting, blue trim and NO engraving. (I can also do a Mach3 head on this handle if requested) There are 4 of these.
All the engraving means is that you stand with S-H and hope they stay safe and survive the current situation.
The handles are $100 USD each...doesn't matter which one you decide upon. When you buy a handle ALL the money goes to S-H and their families to help them at this incredibly difficult time.
I am absorbing all costs as to materials, engraving and shipping.
The handles do NOT come with the razor heads. I am showing you what they look like when you do put a razor head on the handles.
The founder of S-H, Victor, will also send you a message thanking you for your generosity and help. I will be providing Victor with a list of all who participate so when the company is able to start manufacturing again they will be on a "short list" as far as purchasing a razor if they so desire.
Now onto the other part of the sale.
I have gathered together 11 lots of items I think a lot of us would find interesting, useful or just fun to have.
They will be included at no extra cost.
If you decide to purchase a handle you will have your choice of which lot you prefer. I would suggest you give a list of numbers in order of preference.
They will go to the first who PM me with their wish to buy a handle. I will update regularly as to which items have been spoken for. I will also go by time and date stamp as to who gets first choice etc.
The Items are:
1. West Coast Shaving 26mm synthetic brush with Shaving mug (made in Germany)
2. West Coast Shaving 26 mm synthetic brush with travel case
3. PAA polypropylene travel scuttle with travel pouch
4. Bowmore Scotch mini-flask and Kershaw "Chive" folding pocket knife
5. Collapsible silicon lather bowl (great for travel) and a Captain Fawcett alum bar (never used)
6. Kraken spiced rum mug (great for soaking brush)+ one of the best smelling balms EVER. Pierre Cardin aftershave balm...
7. Jack Daniels harmonica (never played) and JD bottle pourer
8. 70 Feather blades.
9. Friodur 50.5 straight razor by J.A.Henckels. Good shape, small cut on inside of scale where blade closes. Could use a hone and stropping.
10. Cell phone holster fits iPhone 11 and other similar size phones (new) and a leather minimalist wallet (new) that uses tabs to pull up your cards
11. A bag of vintage razor blades. You can see a few of them. I know there's blade collectors out there.
I accept PayPal and will ship to Canada and the US. Anywhere else I'll have to check on postal rates. There may be a difference to be paid.
Lastly, a huge thank you to those who have purchased already and thank you for looking.

A HUGE SHOUTOUT AND THANKS to our member Silky Glide for purchasing a razor handle. He has also taken lot #4 as well.
Thanks again from me and S-H.

And as of now lots #3 and #4 are now gone.
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